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Pre-approved guest now sees "Dates Unavailable"

I received a request to book for 12 nights and pre-approved. Now, within minutes, I have another request to book from a different guest, and the pre-approved guests details now say Dates Unavailable. Has anyone experienced this before? I’m afraid if I decline the second request for just three nights in order to accept the original requesting guest for the longer period I may be penalized for the Decline.

If it’s a request to book and you accepted you should have a booking. The second person should not be able to book. If you had an inquiry and you pre approved the first guest might not go through with the booking. (I use instant book so I may have forgotten some details on the booking process but I think that’s correct.) In any case I’d message the second guest and tell them the situation. They should then cancel their request and you won’t be penalized.

Oh, thank you so much. You’re absolutely right, it was an inquiry and not a request which I pre-approved. I still get the terminology confused sometimes. And asking the guest to cancel the request is certainly the way to go about it. Thanks so much for reminding me that putting the ball back in the guests hands can often save me from penalties.

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I can be confusing. That’s another reason I prefer instant book. However I’m thinking of opening for spring break week(s) upcoming and because I’m doing to improvements to the room I think I’ll turn off instant book. So I need to refresh my brain on how it works. :wink:

If I’m correct, the first request to book you accepted has 24 hours to book. If they don’t book, then the days will reappear on your calendar.

If you have a request to book from the second guest why would you turn it down in favour of a booking inquiry which they may not go onto book.

I never send pre-approvals I just answer any questions and say if interested they should book ASAP as my calendar remains open for other guests.

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@nolabrooke I’ve never found it confusing- Inquiries are clearly titled as such, as are Requests. And the options are different. Inquiry options are Pre-approve or Decline, Requests are Accept or Decline.

Also, you don’t need to either pre-approve or decline an Inquiry- just messaging back the guest within 24 hours is all that is required.

A Request you do need to Accept or Decline within 24 hours, unless it’s inappropriate (asking for something you don’t provide or to bring pets or children if it’s against your house rules) and you can convince them to withdraw the request before your 24 hours runs out.

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Thanks. The responses and reminders are much appreciated.

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