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Pot Smokers! AARRGGHH


I have on the platform listed as a rule “No marijuana smoking legal or otherwise on the property. No vaping on the property”.
I had a group of 2 young men, who showed up as three. (I know, first red flag) After I showed them around, went over cleaning before checking out etc., I went back to the adjoining main house. A few minutes later, I smell Pot in my house. I texted the guest to remind him, no pot. And that the HVAC is joined, between the guest house and our house. He texts back. Oh, so sorry. WE won’t do it again.
They stayed for 4 days. I did not go over there, so did not smell anything again. They check out and I head over to clean. Crap. They left windows open, portable fan moved into central hallway running full blast, ceiling fan on, range hood fan on, bathroom exhaust fan on. Place reeks of pot. Then I notice they had closed every ceiling air duct. (That explains why system was running all the time with back pressure!)
I had a guest checking in that evening! I lysol sprayed everything. Mopped floors with clorox, washed curtains. Left everything open for the day. I thought I had mitigated the odor. Nope. Guest complained the following morning, she noticed an odor of pot.
Now we are 3 days later. This morning I go over there to check. Still can smell it!
There are tile floors, no carpets. What do I do!!?


You mean just about the pot smell lingering, right? (Because people are going to jump and tell you everything else you did wrong, how to fix it in the future, how to write the review, everything but the answer to your question…once we know what that is.) :wink:


I think you mean what to do about the smell. Are there any other soft furnishings which have not yet been washed?
Next time don’t give guests the heads up about the ventilation. What shits. You might need to make a claim for CSI style professional cleaning.


Stupid kids. Why can’t they just vape outside? Or down the street? Can’t they see that you’re running a business? I’m sorry. The smell will go away with a good clean, I think, but I would change the air filters.


I gave them a thumbs down, did not recommend them as guests. Also to warn future hosts, I succinctly listed all their misadventures about not following host guidelines. I agree, I didn’t even think that they would circumvent the vents by closing them! I stripped bedspreads, mattress coverings all of it. I lysoled the couch and one soft chair. The rest is all hard surfaces. I am beginning to think it permeated walls!
Good idea about air filters! I forgot about that. Thank You!


Sorry to say, like cigarettes or fire damage it can permeate the walls. This requires professional smoke damage cleaning or redecorating.


Don’t understand why people don’t just use edibles/tinctures in legal states/countries. Same results without the smell or damage to your lungs.


I was just visiting with a friend who smokes weed and asked her the same question. She was hacking and coughing from smoking and I said “that right there is what will keep me from ever smoking it.” She said that edibles and such don’t have the same result. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s true for her and to an extent she is self medicating for anxiety and depression so if it works for her I’m not going to argue the point.


Hey @KKC: Your friend is correct, edibles, topicals and tinctures don’t have the same result. In my opinion, the result is better. I make my own salve and edibles and find they are far more effective for my issues, migraines and arthritis and occasional insomnia, than smoking ever was and with the added benefit of no lung damage from the smoke.

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@ranchlife, I found this cleaning solution for getting rid of musty smell, it might work for you as well, It is worth a try anyway

½ gallon hot water
½ cup borax
2 cups distilled white vinegar
16 ounces of hydrogen peroxide

Right away, wipe down your walls and let them air dry. This will remove grease, dust, and mildew, and also remove smells that have embedded into wall surfaces or wallpaper.

Good Luck!


I have to agree with AvaH. I don’t take concentrates/edibles/tinctures but I know those that do and the effect is the same if not more so without the hacking. A good budtender could help steer her in the right direction if she was interested (it’s a brave new world!). That said I imagine for those who smoke there is something about it that they enjoy just like cigarette smokers.


Thank You! This sounds like an effective recipe, I will try it!

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I grew up in the 60’s. When we were traveling to relatives that did not indulge, or were opposed to any smoking, we made our own brownies. Very effective. I also do not understand why folks can’t do that when staying at a bnb that prohibits smoking. Ah, age and experience.


I hear you. My listing is in Humboldt county, California, In the heart of the Emerald triangle a.k.a. Pot country! Not only do I have to look out for the smokers, our very first guest used our home as a temporary trim house. It took four days to get the smell out of the house. It didn’t smell like somebody had smoked in there, it smelled like a grow house or a trim house. We figured out that’s what they were doing because we found packing materials that they left behind. I have to say though they cleaned up very well, there wasn’t one sign of marijuana anywhere other than the extreme smell.

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HA! Had some guests check out on Sunday and was cleaning up when I found a marijuana candy wrapper. Good guests! Get your cannabis (legal in my state) and honor my no-smoking rule.


I think most people here use the edibles/tinctures. We’ve had a number of guests ask about obtaining pot and not one (knock on wood) has smoked it or left the smell in the unit. We also have a long term tenant that works in the pot industry and he is a perfect tenant. It’s very “normal” here and just a part of everyday life.

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Have a cleaning service bring in ozone generators and BILL THEM for it plus any lost revenue. I would at least tap all their security deposit. That is damage.

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I would ask for extra money, bill the guest.
You can rent ozone generators which remove the smell. But thats like 100usd
But you need to deep clean everything.
Pot smokers cant smell it as they are used to the smell, so they think open the windows and it is gone, which it is not.


Maybe you need to paint the walls to remove the smell. What a pita.


Edibles are most effective when taken on a very empty stomach. Whatever the type of high - body high, head high - smoking it will give it to you faster. But why dudes can’t just step outside and take a couple puffs, I will never know.

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