Posting signs stragically throughout house to remind guest of expectations?

Sometimes guest simply need to be reminded of what they agreed to do and not do? seriously thinking of posting signs. I have experienced some guest that blatantly not follow house rules!?

I don’t know. I think if they are determined not to follow the rules, they won’t, sign or no sign. On the other hand, sometimes a reminder is needed and will be heeded.

How many signs and about what? Also, how prominent will they be?

The signs will be professionally printed. And no more than 4 or 5 signs. no bigger than 8 x 10 in size… One Welcome Sign with opening/closing procedures. 1- House Rules sign, 1-Kitchen Sign, indicating amenities available & 1 sign with sites & contact information. A house manual will also be available that will require a signature upon arrival. We have a cabin in the remote areas of the Sequoia National Forest in central California, & during the winter we have strict opening/closing procedures. There is no WIFi, only a landline. Our cabin is a very big 2 story house of over 2,600 sq ft. We often accommodate as many as 12 guest. Despite guest having agreed to our house rules indicated in our advertisement in Airbnb…I’m thinking small reminders will be helpful and assure responsibility for both parties.

It’s a lots of signs. I’ve stayed in quite a few AirBnBs and vacation rentals. I don’t think I’ve encountered one with that many signs.

However, I lived in central California not far from the Three Rivers entrance to Sequoia National Park and I can see why you’d need them. I think all of them are necessary except the one listing kitchen amenities. Guests can probably find those on their own…or you could include that information in your house manual perhaps.

I bought some little thin wood signs (less than 2x2" @ joann) and hang loop dog tag chains, with hand written notes ‘push button 1st, then pull’ " vintage dishes do not use in microwave" etc . I forgot to make ‘pee, poop, toilet paper only’ … It’s like a treasure hunt, but tacit reminders, for guests.

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I got complaints when I had too may signs. (Felt like they were children.) I now just place a couple of signs of the info that is most important.

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I’ve considered putting a sign up asking guests to use the makeup wipes instead of wash clothes to remove makeup, but decided against it. If they ignore the makeup wipes literally on top of the washclothes, they’ll ignore a sign.

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I would have them tastefully done and at a minimum. We have a grinder pump at our place for sewage and can only have toilet paper flushed with waste. So we purchased signs off etsy to place in the bathroom.

If you have them all over it will start to look like you are treating them like children. Some things can be labeled as well. We have a label by the sink indicating the garbage disposal switch is under the sink.

I have an extensive house manual. Apart from labelling some very not obvious light switches and a reminder for 3 minute showers I’ve resisted the urge to put up signs mainly because i think if I start I’ll never finish and each one will seem reasonable on its own but overall the house will be full of signs and reminders. I’m a control enthusiast so even though I bought a label maker I need resist, resist resist the urge to “help people” by telling them what to do and trust their judgement (least that’s what I’ve been told).


Thanks for your opinions and suggestions. The signs are going up!! Even 5 star hotel & resorts have signs of directions, expectations & friendly reminders.


The signs sound reasonable to me. What I do suggest is that you keep them factual and informative. I hate “cutesy”, mock-humorous signs like that “If it’s yellow …”


I have labels from the label maker to make things easier where necessary. Just recently a guest complained it was hard to know which knob belonged to which burner on the stove top - now labelled. Plus a couple of signs in picture frames and an extensive house manual.

I’ve had over 1500 guests and I have had two complaints about the signs. One guest said it was unnecessary and felt like they were under instruction. I feel they are totally necessary but are tasteful. And I agree hotels have signs and labels. I would rather stay in a place with signs and a label that have to endure the dreaded “house tour” which makes you feel like you can’t be trusted.

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I have three signs in my two-bedroom rental:

  1. One by the front door, which explains what I think a a five star experience is, and asks guests to contact me during their stay if they are not having one
  2. Another in the bathroom reminding guests not to use white towels for makeup removal (I supply makeup removal wipes and/or black facecloths to use instead) and mentioning the $10 charge for ruined linens
  3. A sign in the kitchen with checkout procedures

I also have a label above the light switch at the front door reminding guests to lock the door whenever they leave the apartment. These three have eliminated nearly all non-compliance from my guests, and my reviews average 4.9+.


Are you in an area of the world where there is a severe water shortage and/or 3 minute showers is the norm? I have never heard of requests fir any less than a 5 minute shower. Even that is ridiculous in most cases of a paid accommodation, I would think.

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I have a few signs re: lights, not overloading circuits and plumbing eccentricities in our old house, but none about rules yet. I probably need them less because ours is a home share and we just talk with people if some rule in our listing get blatantly ignored. The tendency for AIrbnb guests to not read much dictates brief signs only noting items that are most important or frequently ignored.

I was responding to a recent comment, didn’t know this would upset anyone.

Nearly three year old topic, closed because it deserves it.


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