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Post-Checkout Email Template for Airbnb Hosts


After doing all the hard work of hosting a guest on Airbnb, it only makes sense to be able to reap the rewards of being a great host. However, most guests will not post a review first, even after a great visit. So how do you ensure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste? Here are 2 ways to do so:

  1. Write a post-checkout email to your guest(s). Here’s an example of an email we use:

Hi Popeye,

Thank you for staying with us! We loved hosting you and Olive Oyl! We hope you enjoyed your stay with us and we’d love to host you again if you’re ever in the Vancouver area. We’d love it if you could leave us a review and we’ll definitely be leaving you one as well. Best of luck and we hope to see you again :)!

Tom & Jerry

Of course this is just an example and you can include anything you’d like. I do caution against demanding a review or making it seem mandatory in case your guest takes it negatively. Just thank them and nicely ask for a review. Bonus points: If you have the time or inclination, hand-written thank you notes for every guest is always amazing!

  1. Leave a review for your guest. Guests are much more likely to leave a review for their host if the host leaves a review first for the guest. We’ve had 100% success rate with this one so far.

Do you guys have any suggestions for ways to get your guests to leave a review? Do share!

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