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Possible reasons for declining

A few times (ok, more than a few times) I have declined reservation requests. Sometimes I get a menu of possible reasons for declination, and one of the choices is something along the lines of “waiting for a better offer”, meaning more nights I would imagine.
Do you ever get that? And have you have declined and checked that box?
The reason I’m asking is that many of my recent weekends have included people staying Fri night, different people staying Saturday night, different people staying Sunday night.
There are two weekends in July that I’m working and I won’t be able to accommodate such turnovers, so I’ve got 2 night minimums set for those Thursday-Monday dates.
I’ve been booked solid the past 4 weekends or so, and am booked this weekend, ( a 3-nighter and 1-nighter on Monday), but have no requests for any other weekends in July.
Perhaps it’s just the holiday weekend right now preventing people from thinking further ahead? Or is the 2 night minimum restricting views?
What do you think, should I turn it back to 1night minimum? I’ve often done that and then offered a discount on a 2nd night stay and every single time I’ve done that, those people have booked 2 nights.

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Interesting question. Don’t people that visit the Adirondacks Mts.tend to be ‘weekenders’, looking for at least 2 days, considering the area is a few hours drive from the closest metropolitan area? You sure those that booked for 2 weekend days is because of the 2nd-day discount you are offering?

I haven’t done the 2nd night discount since last year. And yes, most are weekenders but many are just running up here for one night. Which is in my opinion, just not enough time to really get much done! Some guests, they are leaving and verbalize not being impressed by the 'daks after a one night stay (some, not all) but that is simply because they didn’t bother to give it enough of a chance. But people who do stay for 2 days are always leaving here looking so much less stressed out and relaxed. Well, I’ve decided to keep the 2 day minimum, and should those weekends with the minimum stays on them not get booked then I am just going to consider those days I should be relaxing and enjoying the 'daks myself and not worrying about making sure guests have a good experience.

I hear you. I remember the 3.5 hr drive to the Catskills from Long Island and back the next day, so can beat the traffic. The whole thing was a frazzled experience.

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Hi @brook2adks I’m not sure how to PM, but I’d love to see your place. We can’t seem to manage more than a few nights away and I love that area!

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I always get that box when I decline a reservation request (not an inquiry). I got twice as more views when I lowered my minimum stay from 3 to 2 nights.

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@superhostnyc, sent you a PM, should be visible when you click on your profile photo on the top right of the page.

I’m doing a 2 night minimum stay this year and I have now decided to switch off the 2 night minimum option on the AirBnB menu and just have it written in my description. Yes I do decline and choose waiting for more attractive reservation. But on the left hand side of screen (on a laptop -not the app) you have option of sending a special offer. I do this and add another day onto it. This has meant I can translate 1 night requests to 2 night stays by sending them a message and a special offer (I usually knock £10 off). This has worked for me in about 30% of requests. I did notice that the 2 night minimum stops people from seeing your place. I think a lot of people search with just one date in the search option.

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