Possible COVID scamming on Air app hack

I received a notification from a guest earlier today as an inquiry to stay. I clicked “view profile” and received an error message…several times. I replied to the guest asking when they were looking to arrive as we were not ready to receive a guest due to the CV-19 crisis. Never heard back. I messaged again. Nothing back again. I went to my laptop and noticed no message from them in my inbox. No inquiry there or any sign of my messages back etc. I refreshed the screen, shut down, restarted…still nothing. I looked on the multi-calendar. Nothing there either. Was this person hoping I would accept and send the self check-in info? I pre-approved the request, but did nothing more. Just a heads up. No use trying to report it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to and calling Air now is useless.

What did the error message say?

Wondering if they were doing something that flagged them and got the profile shut down.

It was the error message you get when you have a blip in internet service connection. It said something like, you are not authorized to view this content. The weird thing was I could not see it on the web platform. I could only see the inbox message etc on the app.

If it was a text, you may have been phished and it may have contained a virus.