Portrait Photos Can't Be Selected

I took some new pics and uploaded them to my site. I wanted to select one of them to become my new cover photo. When I clicked on “change”, my new photos came up but were greyed out and I got the message “Portrait Photos Can’t Be Selected”. Anyone able to help?

All the cover photos have to be landscape orientation/horizontal, not portrait/vertical.

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Thanks KKC. I’ve only ever used portrait photos for my listing in the past, so that went right over my head.

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Hmm, maybe I’m wrong. But that’s what came to mind. I ran into something similar when I wanted to change some of my pictures but maybe I’m not recalling correctly.

I’ll do a test run today : )

If you use portrait, won’t they have to be HUGE in order to be crisp and clear?

Not seeing how the orientation of the phone when I take pics can lend more clarity. Could you explain? Something’s not computing for me. I’ve been snapping photos in portrait mode and uploading them uneventfully for 9 years.

Let’s say that the pic you take is 1000 x 600 px. (Whether portrait or landscape). Let’s further say, because these are ficticious figures because I’m hopeless at maths, that the landscape image shown as the header needs to be 1000 px. So if you upload a photo that’s portrait, with it’s width as 600 px, when it’s shown at 1000 px it will be enlarged to 1000 and therefore lose it’s clarity. They have to look good on computers and tablets in landscape mode as well as the app.

Good explainash! Ty.

They display much better in landscape - at least on a computer. Most of the Airbnb “tips” blogs suggest landscape orientation for this reason.

Especially for your main photo…Take a look at the search results. You’ll see the main photo displayed in landscape. Yours will either not take all the horizontal space or will be stretched out funny.

Retake them in landscape.

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Yes, that main photo’s a bit tricky.
I set up my Homeaway listing very quickly and they, of course, have different photo requirements. I was able to use some cropping and resizing (I came up with a system using both Paint and Microsoft Photo app by trial and error) to MacGyver existing photos to fit their format. No perfect, annoying, but easier than taking all new photos.

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so i’m confused. because my current cover photo is portrait. all my photos have been taken by the same phone in the same orientation. half my photos are vertical not horizontal yet they are all allowed…

I have a lot of portrait photos in my gallery. It’s actually quite hard to photograph my listing space in horizontal mode. I’ve never changed the photos since I started hosting over 3 years ago, but was thinking of updating them (although nothing has really changed in the space). I’ll be interested to see if they are simply rejecting portrait mode now.