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Poop in the toilet

I really, really want to mention in a review the giant turd a guest left in the toilet on check-out. Somebody please talk me out of it.

Or perhaps I should just say in the private “what could this guest do better” feedback, “FLUSH.”

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Maybe it didn’t flush properly.

I’m more joking than anything, I just don’t get people sometimes! :astonished:

It’s a brand-new toilet and it flushed just fine for me.

I had guests that didn’t flush the toilet when they left. I was out of town for a couple of days. When I entered my place, it smelled like an outhouse! So disgusting. Glad I had a couple of days before the next guest arrived.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Gross. Just a little tip left for the host. But yeah. Gross. You’ve really had some bad bad guests lately. Reminds me, I need to open a new lounge. :smile:

I wouldn’t go public, but definitely put that in the private feedback. (oh, and don’t forget to add the matching icon :poop:)

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