Poll - What topics do you guys want to know more about?

Looking to create some more blog posts on topics that you’re all interested in. This could be anything - experiences, best place to purchase linens, reviews on certain types of products, alternatives to Airbnb etc. Would love all your feedback on what you think would be most valuable to cover!

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Updates and policy changes please - they seem to happen every week!


Ah, but you can’t create affiliate links to products if you write about Airbnb changes in your blog @Debthecat :slight_smile:


Just as well I don’t have a blog then!

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Sorry @Debthecat I was being a little ironic about the request for blog post topics, as I have seen some of the previous blog posts which contain a series of links to products.

On another note, have you see the notification that came through today about the latest sets of changes to Airbnb’s changes @Debthecat. I

It said to click through to the latest changes in their T&Cs which I did - that then led to information which didn’t actually tell you what the changes were, but that you had to accept them or leave the platform, and what to do if you want to leave the platform.

It then went onto tell you if you wanted to see the changes you actually had to read through the whole T&Cs.

It is so frustrating that they can’t actually tell you in clear, short, simple terms what those changes are.


Sandy Toes said in the post about new TOS “In the body of the text of that email, one of the links is “Terms of Service Update Page” Each of the changes are set forth and explained in detail.”

I don’t know if that’s true. It’s hard to imagine anyone not accepting the new TOS upon reading them and just leaving the platform. (I’m not saying I agree with Airbnb setting up the acceptance pop up in that way.)

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Hi @Cyn - it’s really hard to decide on topics because hosts and their rentals vary so much (as we know only too well from the forum here!) I find that there’s so much ‘information’ on the internet about Airbnb that is just downright nonsense. Sure, the author may have researched his/her subject but they are rarely accurate or applicable to all.

Many times, they are from people recounting their experiences after just a couple of months in the business and you can tell by what they write that they still have loads to learn.

I think that @Debthecat has it right - busy hosts need to be kept updated on the latest developments at Airbnb - the ones that particularly affect hosts. Product reviews are also good, especially specialist ones. For instance, there’s a new thread here about leather restoration kits - not something that every host needs but an accurate and helpful review by someone who has actually used the product (in this case @PitonView ) and can speak about its pros and cons can be extremely helpful. Or comparing products (And of course, they can have affiliate links!)

Even for articles that don’t review or recommend products, you can still have affiliate links for, for example, books relating to the subject. True, the commissions are a lot lower than those if you’re recommending a vacuum cleaner!


Not a product - but do’s and don’t around how to apply under the host guarantee and host case studies who have been successful would be of interest to most.


I had the same experience. The “what you need to know” bit didn’t say anything of interest other than we’ve moved rules T&Cs concerning A from section X to section Y. I even had to look up “escheated” so not exactly user friendly, and I know lots of words, maybe a thousand or more.


But you know those successful host case studies would all be on IB and follow ABB’s price tips diligently.

Posts about how often to clean doonas/duvets/quilts and rules about dogs seem to be popular and encourage friendly discussion.


Thanks @jaquo & @Debthecat! I think a weekly update on any T&Cs that may have changed or any updates that Airbnb posts would definitely be useful. Maybe I can even try to translate it into plain language as well, especially if it’s convoluted.

I’m looking for all suggestions, regardless of whether there’s affiliate link opportunities or not. Just want to make sure that we’re continuously providing useful content.

Thanks for the suggestion! Will definitely start implementing that one.


I second the request for a clear and thorough explanation in plain english of the changes in terms and conditions!

Definitely a translation into non-legal ordinary language of the new TOS that is more easily understood.

We’ve created a new blog post on Airbnb’s Terms of Service, what’s changing and what we think it means: http://blog.airhostsforum.com/2018/04/29/airbnbs-new-terms-of-service/.

Please share your feedback and we hope it’s useful for everyone!


Fantastic. Thank you, @Cyn!

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