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POLL: On average how many individual reservations do you typically have each month?

Hi I am curious for some research that I am doing how many individual reservations an air bnb hosts does in one month, on average? I have never been an AIR BNB host before and I am wondering what the average number of reservations hosts get and whether it’s worth me putting up my place? I know there are other factors involved (location, size, it’s’ prettiness’/appeal, etc.)

If you can reply with a number of confirmed reservations + city you’re in you’d help my research out A TON!

Thank you!

Number of what? Do you mean you want us to post our listing link? Is that what you mean? And how about some kind of introduction - who are you and what’s the research for? Sorry if I sound suspicious. :sunglasses:


Ha, you wrote what I was going to say. Yep, we’re not here to give out free information - we’re too busy getting stains out of sheets or unblocking toilets :wink:


He joined 32 minutes ago. Individual numbers are anecdotal – totally depends on your location, price, amenities, number of guests, etc. The biggest factor is location.


It also fluctuates wildly from month to month.


The answer would also depend on a host’s minimum length of stay. Not a well thought-out question, for starters.


So go away! Ha ha haha

…and searching for hidden messages in the “user” summary :mag:

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I see that @brody has edited his original post and fleshed it out with a small amount of context.

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I’m really not sure how the question you’re asking will help you make a decision though. To begin with, surely average number of nights booked rather than number of individual bookings is more important? But even that might be meaningless. Why not tell us more about the location of your proposed listing and then perhaps any forum members who are hosting in similar settings may be able to pass on some pearls of wisdom.

I think the first point of research would be to read every single topic in this forum! True, one of the first steps when becoming a host is calculating your budget but the number of nights occupied and the number of reservations are just a tiny part of that. Furthermore, to some extent, the occupancy is determined by the promotion the host does (via social media for example), the quality of service provided (hence, great reviews) and how they go about attracting repeat guests.

If the OP is at the budget stage, then the sensible question is not how many reservations we have per month - there are far more important issues.

In other words, it seems like a daft question to me :slight_smile:

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