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Poll: Los Angeles Hosts: How many guests do you book per month?


Hello! My name is Lauren Branson, and I am considering using Air BnB as a way to subsidize my rent.

Before I sign a lease, however, I’m doing a little research to see if this would be a sustainable way of living.

So, how often do you book guests? (approximate days per month)

Right now, I’m just concerned that I won’t be able to get enough guests to properly subsidize my rent, and hearing from an experienced AirBnB’er will give me a better idea of that number.



That depends entirely on what part of LA you are you living in. I think it’s a risky proposition to move into an apt where you need sublet income to subsidize your rent. Your landlord will likely evict you if they found out which and depending how formal they were about it, that could seriously impact your ability to rent decent apts/condos in the future.

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