Poll - How many have twin beds in your listing?

We’ve been approached by Cadence Keen Innovations which makes a product called Easy King. You can watch a demo video of their product here:
https://youtu.be/4o8ohTit-Yc. Basically their product allows you to convert 2 twin mattresses into a king size mattress easily and safely. They are offering a demo and review of their product and before we offer it to everyone, we wanted to see how useful their product would be. If you have a minute, please take the poll and let us know what your thoughts are on the value Easy King would provide for you as a host and for your listing.

  • I have 0 twin beds in my listing
  • I have 1 twin bed in my listing (and don’t need any more)
  • I have 1 twin bed in my listing but would add a second if I had the Easy King for versatility
  • I have 2 twin beds in my listing but I wouldn’t find the Easy King useful
  • I have 2 twin beds in my listing and I would find the Easy King useful

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Mmh. Can you define “twin”, please? In the UK it generally refers to two single beds in one room. But I’m guessing this is a marketing opportunity for US hosts only so my question is probably irrelevant.

Sorry Magwitch, I should have clarified. Yes this would be the North American definition for a single or a twin bed and not 2 single beds.

Ok, thanks. Yes, it’s nice to remember that the forum is international. Just one little step in not assuming and not marginalising. I know, I can see all the eyes rolling! But honestly it can’t ever be bad to be inclusive, surely?
Sorry not to be of help in the survey but, obviously, it doesn’t apply to me.


I really don’t understand what is revolutionary about locking two single beds together :confused:.


You’re definitely right! We always think we’re at the center of the universe here in North America :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Sometimes we don’t even realize that there are differences in things like these so appreciate the reminder and it’s something new I learned today!


I don’t think it’s revolutionary but it might be a good product to help some hosts who may have 2 twin beds to make their listing more flexible for guests and allow them to accommodate different types of parties. This one seems to have very good reviews whereas I know some other twin to king bed products aren’t the best (based on personal experience).

It looks great if people have the space. We don’t, we can only fit a queen into our rental. It suffices for 99% of guests but on a couple of occasions, I’ve had same-sex, but not gay, couples who would have appreciated the benefits of converting the bed to two singles!

So is this offer available to hosts internationally or just in the US. If it is US only please say so :slight_smile: :frowning:

I’m sorry but any host with two single beds can simply shove them together, and can interlock the beds with something from any DYI store. To me this product seems much ado about nothing, a bit like all the “garbage :confounded:” being sold on television. I’m sorry to be harsh, you wanted opinions, this is mine :blush:.

I do hope you get a good percentage (or at least a few free sets) for the market research and publicity :wink:.

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There are a lot of guests who want two separate beds: friends travelling together, parents with adult children, siblings… the combination is endless really. But it all depends on the size and set-up of the room whether you could accommodate it. If Cadence Keen Innovations are proposing a special deal for airbnb hosts, well I’m sure that will get some interest!

This would be available to everyone :).

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What I would love to find is something that easily attaches the frames. We currently use velcro straps which is awkward.

I believe that this product solves the perennial issue with the DIY methods. No matter how much you tug, there is a space between the two beds. This product slides into the space and makes it a flat surface. I have not seen one in real life, so I might be incorrect.

I have a 3 bedroom house, master has a king, one guest room has a queen, 3rd room has 2 extra long twin that can be put together as a king. Only couple of times that guests asked for putting together. I put a king mattress pad on top of the twins. If you have carpet floor I would say they will be fine. I have wooden floor, they do slide apart a bit. I was thinking to buy a strap to hold them together a little better.

When we convert our LTR house into an Air we were thinking of doing two XL twins that we could convert into a King. I would be interested as we have wood floors and I would want to safely keep them together. We too were planning to put a king mattress pad on top to stop the gap.

Well imo that’s a really terrible way to connect the beds together, I’ve used zip and link beds for years without any trouble.


I suppose for me the hassle with interlocking a bed is suddenly I need two sets of single bed sheets and two sets of doubles. I wouldn’t have the space but I think it’s a great idea for those that do

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Who would be interested in writing a review for this product? You would receive the Easy King product for free (including shipping) in return for a clear, concise and honest review.

This sounds interesting! Let me know how to sign up.