Poll: Do many of you struggle with getting your place booked frequently?

  • Yes
  • No
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Offering a link to a business ‘to help the hosts’ in 3…2…

Isn’t there something that can be done to prevent these ‘back door’ adverts?


Um I’d be rich if I had a solution for that lol no I do not have a business to help hosts this is a legitimate question I am curious about. I want to invest in a property but I hear competition has skyrocketed in recent years. We should really use this channel as a means to help gain information before spending money.

Rather than ‘polling’, maybe try ‘researching’? This forum is a deep resource; you will need to put in a little work though - try searching for your answers. This ‘question’ has been discussed many many times.

After all, someone recently posted:

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Real hosts don’t post polls on hosting forums when they have a question. They just ask their question. And if you were a real host you would know that competition depends on location and type of listing.


What makes you define what a real host would post or wouldn’t post. Why would I waste time on a random forum if this is not something I am legitimately looking into? I am test driving my own property next week to gain traction and an understanding of how this business works. I think forums are meant for open discussions. And why would the polling option be available if we can’t use it? Seems like you have a lot of assumptions for no reason.

Hi @Rolf I did but some of the questions are outdated and go back to like 2015. Times have changed and the market has changed too. Im a very analytical person so I like to just see if its an issue or it isn’t. If it were an open ended question then people would just answer vaguely. Yes or no lets you know if it is or isn’t a problem for most without the gray area. Don’t really understand why you are so defensive over the purpose of this site.

First time on a forum? You could use the filters for example to show only recent answers. The purpose of this site is not to educate you, it is for hosts to discuss things relevant to hosts. The education part you wasn’t to happen is on you yo do.

Yes or no doesn’t give you any useful information, as all types of listings, hosts, and locations present different challenges and strengths.

Strs are not generic and hosts have a vast range of experiences. Some experience lots of issues and challenges and some don’t.

That’s why you need to ask questions specific to your own situation, not take a generic poll if you want useful information.


Its a poll for an overall consensus of the community sentiment. Not to go into deep details of why some people get booked or don’t get booked. That’s why it was posted as a poll. Then we could’ve discussed on why its easy but hard for others. That’s how forums work lol!

I don’t think you understand at all how forums work. Do people really still say lol after all these years?