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POLL: Blackout curtains - Please help me decide on my new curtains


So we have finally arrived at the ‘curtains’ stage of our remodel :). Now we have to decide what kind of curtains we will hang in the guest rooms. The color is already decided, it will be all white. We will first hang a light glass curtain for privacy reasons during the day. And on top of that I want to hang a curtain that is not to heavy, that will guarantee privacy when it’s dark outside and the lights are one. But I’m totally undecided wether I need to put in blackout curtains.
Personally I don’t like sleeping in an all dark room, because it messes around with my biological clock. My hubby thinks the same. Of course there are also people who prefer a dark room (No pun intended :rofl:).

For where we are we will offer a very nice comfortable stay, but we are by no means in the luxury category. We will charge between $US 30,00 and $US 70,00 a night.

So now I would like to know if other hosts have put blackout curtains in their listings. And I would like to know what you would prefer as a guest.

1// Does your listing have blackout curtains in the bedroom?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (Please explain below)

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2// As a guest do you prefer blackout curtains in the bedroom?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (Please explain below)

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3// Would the absence of blackout curtains be a dealbreaker or would it negatively influence the rating you give to a listing?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (Please explain below)

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Other questions for those “in-da-know”: Are blackout curtains a requirement for AirBnB-PLUS?


Maybe I should have also asked:

4/ Is your listing in a place with lots of light pollution?

  • YES
  • NO

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(Light “pollution”… :grin: …aww, cute.)


I have a bamboo roll up shade and a light filtering curtain on one north facing (shade side) window. I have a small window with only a light filtering drape on an east facing window. I would like to add a shade on that window as well but haven’t yet. Despite this the room is fairly dark. I know a lot of people who want complete darkness to sleep, Even an LED glowing on a device will bother them. This is why I end up with things unplugged I think.

You should get black out curtains or shades. You’re much more likely to have guests who want darkness than you are to have guests who don’t.


Does ocean view light pollution count? :rofl:


Coincidentally I was just now reading a review by a guest in a tropical location who was complaining about not being able to open windows due to light in the room at night.


We were prevented from opening our windows in Talinn. The radiator heat is sometimes overwhelming but I can totally understand why they didn’t allow it. Same with our cabin in Levi. Was below freezing in both locations! :rofl::snowflake:️:snowman_with_snow:️


I’ve had only one guest out of 100’s who mentioned that the beautiful morning sun woke them every day and alerting other guests to just turn the vertical blinds the other way. That works but the light still seeps in. I wear an eye-shade (actually it’s a strip of black material that I lay across my eyes - no binding - and it stays on because I’m a back sleeper).


When I was staying in FL to read AP exams the AC went off when you opened the sliding glass door to the ocean.


Yes, like most hotels.


Most of our bedroom windows, including ours, face east, so direct sunlight from 4.30-5 am in summer. I have to say that blackout lining material makes for heavy curtains, so in some rooms I have ordinary curtains and blackout roller blinds.


@Joan has reminded me we have blackout blinds behind the bedroom curtains, one forgets as they have pretty patterns on them.


The rising eastern sun floods our bedrooms beautifully, but can still be considered quite rude at 4:30 am. We have had one guest specifically ask if the bedrooms have black out curtains/blinds before booking (we do have fitted black out roller shades). More then half the guests have told us they really appreciate the blinds during their stay. For easthetics we have a single curtain rod in which I put sheers in the middle and then curtains on each end. This enables the guest to use the sheers for privacy but lets in daylight. I only use one rod per window but still have the look of curtains with sheers.


My listing is a garden apartment, and the bedroom window faces the driveway. As the windows seem to be at perfect headlamp height, the lights of cars driving in and out was one of the first things I noticed while staying there. So for my listing blackout shades were a must. But when staying elsewhere, I have a little mask if needed (I usually don’t).


One of my earlier guests, a nice one, suggested ever so politely I get blackout curtains. The houses are close together and street, yard and porch lights do prevent the room from getting completely dark. I installed black out cellular shades immediately, and they are indeed used by most guests.


About blackout curtains & a review. Periodically I work night shift & need to flip back to days. Blackout curtains are helpful controlling my sleep/wake cycle and let me control my flip.

I imagine anyone traveling two or more time zones would benefit from having black out curtains to support their time change adjustment.

Having blackout curtains would support a great review. Not having them would result in private feedback to the host to please get them but I would not give a negative review.


We had two different guests suggest blackout curtains in the private comments early on. We got some really nice ones at JC Penney that go perfectly with our decor. I can advertise them in the listing and I think they really help people get a good nights sleep.


This was standard when I was in the Greek Islands, even at a top 5 star hotel in Mykonos I was staying at. I could live with that. But they also wouldn’t let you drink cocktails next to the pool so I left. Deal breaker.


I sleep on my back as well but I find if I just shut the coffin lid it blocks out all daylight. It burns!


LOL…:vampire: :coffin: (aha! I knew I’d seen a pic of you and your “home” on here somewhere!)

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