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Policy Change - Extenuating Circumstances no longer matter!

Made a shocking discovery this week.
Guest cancelled mid stay not due to any problems at listing, but due to change in her plans meaning she had to leave the city.
We spoke and I wished her well.
After leaving, she requests refund for days not stayed, and Inindicate this is difficult as diary dates booked.
I then get email from airbnb indicating that she has cancelled rest of her stay and they have deducted the cash for days unspent from my airbnb account (payout had already been made)!

I’m thinking how can that be done without reference to me, as it was done well into the stay and there were no extenuating circumstances.

I was referred to their cancellation policy and shock horror.
In the midst of all these changes to their terms is one to the flexible policy that indicates a guest can cancel at any time mid stay and get refund for the unexpired period of their stay from 24 hrs after they cancel!

So it appears on the flexible policy, a guest can book 25 days, say 3 months in advance, at peak season, have my calendar booked for the whole time, then on 2nd day of their stay, decide to cancel on a whim, and I have to repay the money for 22 days, despite the impossibility of getting another guest at such short notice.


Sorry about this, Aquatic. I’m also surprised. I had assumed what flexible meant was that they could cancel 24 hours before the start of the reservation - I had no idea they could cancel mid-stay.

I’ve changed my policy to moderate but now realize I need to make sure this is what I think it is.

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Thats true. Cancelation policy works this way. Why do you have flexible cancelation, i never understood this. With one or 2 units for rent its impossible to have flexible cancelation policy, this is what multirooms hotels are for

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At a minimum you must be at moderate. Below that, you’re just a friend loaning an apartment.

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