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Policies on Marijuana


Can someone please advise me on how to handle marijuana being smoked inside my home? I prefer that people not smoke inside because its difficult to air out in time for the next guest. I am not trying to encourage people to smoke outside either as its a family neighborhood and marijuana is still illegal in California.
Do you charge an extra cleaning fee for deodorizing?
Do you have any policies/house rules about this?
I just had a guest check out yesterday that had been smoking all weekend inside my house and it took several hours and lots of febreeze and extra cleaning to rid the smell.


I know of this site however that didn’t answer my questions thanks


I would state, very clearly, that there is no smoking OF ANY SUBSTANCE in your place and that you may have to keep the damage deposit in the event the rule is broken. Hotels now require people to sign agreements that if they smoke inside, they may lose a $300 damage deposit (that’s the standard that I’ve seen). I’ve made it very clear to my guests that it’s simply not allowed.

You can also tell guests that you have the sort of neighbours who might report someone standing outside smoking a joint. Put that in writing though. And put it in the house rules so they know in advance. Better that they choose somewhere else instead of stinking up your place.

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I think keeping the damage deposit is reasonable. Luckily, the smell of pot dissapates after a day or two, unlike tobacco smoke.


I have a strict no smoking policy in my units and clearly state several times that a fee will be charged. I’ve had a couple of people break the rules and submitted a claim thru Airbnb. If the guest does not accept the charges and Airbnb intervenes, Airbnb will NOT side with the hosts unless they have photographic proof. The issue is that it’s not possible to have photographic proof of cigarette/marijuana odor.

I recommend making sure the no smoking policy is clearly stated in your house rules, etc. and possibly even put a little sign up in your unit. There are some who will break the rule, but it’ll prevent it from being a frequent occurrence.

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You might be able to find ash or butts in the room’s trash can to photograph.

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