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Police Report / Host Guarantee

Do any of you have experience making a claim against the Host Guarantee for a sum over $300?

According to the Host Guarantee page:

Compile as much documentation as possible to submit with your form. Useful documentation and information that will help process your payment request as quickly as possible include:

    1. photographs of the damage being claimed
    1. a police report for any damage that is over $300 USD
    1. receipts or some alternative evidence of the accurate fair market value or report cost
    1. proof of ownership.
  • 5 . any other documentation that you feel will be helpful to processing your request

Our last guests dropped a suitcase on our glass-top cocktail table. The price for the replacement piece of bronzed glass is over $500 before shipping. The guest confessed to causing the damage, but doesn’t want to pay because, “They have insurance for that.”

The police will not come out for a broken tabletop, and I find it laughable to even ask them to.

The guest provided photographs and a confession. I provided more photographs. We’ll see where this goes.


No experience but it is a huge waste of police time. I mean if it was thousands, but $300+…

Surely the photos and a reciept/website that sells it and the confession should be enough.

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I guess $300 is beyond the damage deposit amount that you have set?

I agree with Paul - I can’t imagine they’d need a police report given the confession and photos…

When the party barflies broke my dining table, I didn’t have the receipt but found another very similar set via a furniture department of a retailer here. I uploaded photos of the damaged table and the URL and Air paid it without question. Damage deposit was $150. I think it helped to have opened a case while the party was going on. I could hear them pounding something on it (were they pounding steaks?) and denied breaking it …but definitely did during their drunken rager.

I think it’s really negligent and disrespectful of your guests to claim they were not paying due to someone else’s insurance. What the heck happened to owning responsibility for what you did? I hope you claim for replacement of the entire table. A link to a similar table at the retailer where you purchased it should suffice.

. I hope you will be leaving the bad review they deserve. Guests…ughhhhhhhh!

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Depending on where you are, some PD’s now have an online system where you can self-file a police report. Most if not all insurance companies ask for one so this is not uncommon.

If they admitted to it in an Airbnb message that Airbnb can read, then Airbnb will pay you and they’ll go after them for the full amount. Ultimately the guest will have to pay it.

And yes, PLEASE leave them the review they deserve so other hosts can be warned.

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