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PM me if you want to be in private thread for reporting dangerous or illegal Airbnbs

This is not for weird Airbnbs, obnoxious hosts, overpriced listings or places that are not to your personal taste, but rather ones which violate TOS , local laws or are dangerous.

Report them and get them off the site!


PM me if you want to be in a private thread regarding this topic


No smoke or CO detectors. Not sure if sleeping area has a window. It looks like they are operating it out of a retail business or something. The listing is worded like they are running some kind of charity and doing people a favor, but they are charging at least $40/night per bunk, so…

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Maybe this should be a private thread?

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Here’s one with no windows in bedroom. No smoke detector. No CO detector. They call it a loftstel.

All the listings are publicly viewable. People who look at them can decide if they think they merit reporting.

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Yes but we are vulnerable to host retaliation if they come here and see the thread and can trace us to our listing. It’s kind of like the bad guest lounge

How do I make it private?

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I think Kona can do it! Then hosts who post can be invited.

I think you can start a pm thread and then add trusted hosts through the message system.

Ok I’m in let’s start this thing!

I’m definitely in too, please :slight_smile:

I’m in! (20 characters)

Shouldn’t we just be reporting it directly to Airbnb instead?

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I think the purpose is to share the link so that we can en masse report it to Airbnb.


Has someone started the private thread? I’d like to join.

That doesn’t always work. We were a group of 5 that were being threatened by the host while living on a building site that was dangerous. When we refused to give him money (for gas for his boat) he turned off water and electricity. After reporting to Airbnb, they refunded half the money but didn’t remove the listing since we were the first guests of that host.

I’d like to join the private thread and report the listing there.

Nope! I’m done starting private threads!
If you want to do your own, simply start a private message to someone and keep inviting others.

Right? Just flag them? Don’t we have enough to do without policing the world? :smile:

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I think the idea was if more of us reported them it would increase the likelihood of them being removed. Like removing bad guests, removing bad host benefits everyone indirectly.


If it gets rid of the competition then I’m all for it.

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