Please suggest an entire house decorator forlog house, walnut paneling, gorgeous view

Please suggest a decorator for the Black Mountain area, and say what your experience with them is and why you like them.

This is an international forum and I think there would be many black mountains in the world… were is yours?


Google Black Mountain (insert area) decorators log cabin.

Check their google reviews, yelp reviews, facebook reviews. Ask people in your area.

We’re from all over the world here.

Are you in Black Mountain NC? If so, I did my own decorating. I was resourceful and used whatever I could find between stuff in the basement, etc. I didn’t want the log cabin to be all about bears and deer. My partner disagreed at the time. It’s worked out well. If you want to see my listing then send me a PM. I had things given to me, things from thrift stores, and also items that my partner had in the basement from his mother who had passed. I am a “blender” - I can assess and blend. But I would cost too much…so no I am not offering services… :joy:

What I am trying to say is I “feel” the surroundings. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. Sorry…can’t help with interior designer for “true” log cabin decorating…


We’re not really here to help you decorate as such. As mentioned, this is an International forum and we don’t know your area as well as you should. If you don’t know the area your cabin is in, it’s time to put boots on the ground and learn.

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