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Please help with Rental Rules and Regulations in North Edison, New Jersey

Hello friends,
I am new to AirBnB as a host.
I see so many things happening in the news related to renting out through AirBnB, specially in New Jersey and Western Coast. I tried to contact the Municipality to educate myself regarding rental rules and regulations in my county, but goes to Voice Mail. Can anyone help please. Any shared knowledge will be highly appreciated.
Thank you and God Bless.

I’m in New Jersey too. You need to ask City Hall about ordinances relating to short term rental. This issue is governed on a city level first, then county, then state. So even if the county says it’s ok, the city rules can say it’s not ok and you have to go with the city rules.

This is a pretty grey area in most municipalities, and I’m pretty certain that even if short term rentals are allowed, you’d have to be in a commercial or mixed use zone. Honestly, most people don’t ask for clarification on regulations because they don’t want to put attention on themselves.

Hi Tulip,

First off, congratulations on hosting! We totally understand where you’re coming from. Airbnb hosting is new and exciting but the rules and regulation is chaotic right now as counties, cities, and states try to figure out how to regulate and tax Airbnb operations.

In general, you have to pay income taxes on Airbnb earnings to the IRS and to the States. You may also have to collect transient tax (aka hotel tax) on behalf of your guests and remit them to the county.

Here is a link to the State of New Jersey website which provides more information on your obligation to collect occupancy fee and municipality tax and submit a monthly return to the State:


Every host’s situation is different so unfortunately we cannot give you a blanket advice. However, our Airbnb tax experts are standing by to provide you with consultation free of charge. You can reach them at www.getlevee.com/tax

Good luck!

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