Please help! payout method

hello guys:) i have an essential question. so i edited my payout preferences and in my country is available the international wire and on the side it says currency usd, but my account is in euros! and i set the price in euro and when i completed the payout last answers i selected currency euro. WILL I GET THE MONEY? PLEASE HELP AS I HAVE A GUEST COMING IN 8 DAYS!
THANK YOU :slight_smile:

I would call AirBnb or contact them via Twitter for an answer to this one. I’m sure you’ll get your money; but whether it will be in USD or Euros is the question.

Perhaps one of our non-US hosts will know.

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I get mine in sterling

so i will receive my money , through international wire? or should i open an account in USD?

I don’t use international wire payments… I’m sure there’s a bunch of fees attached to the whole thing I want to avoid. To be more specific, this means you will be paid out in USD. However, for it to be in your account your bank will most likely convert it to EUR and there will be a marginal conversion fee.

I linked my normal bank account to my PayPal and use PayPal as my payout preference.

I get the PayPal payment roughly 24 hours after check in. I can then request in PayPal the money to be transferred to my bank account. This also usually happens within 1 day. Occasionally takes 2 days.

There are 0 fees with this. Best option I can recommend!

that would be great but in my country paypal is not available :frowning:

What country is this?

I am from Albania and paypal is not an option.
are the fees for international wire so high? i mean, i charge aprox 35 dollars per night and i am just asking is it really worth it?

We have heard of this from other hosts in more “exotic” locations. It may be your only option and they have to charge excessively for the wire.

I have had to send money to my kids when they were on study abroad, believe me, I researched everything and the only thing available was western union.

Air may have arrangements with certain countries to process payments but with others you are essentially on your own?? :woman_shrugging: I don’t know… I am just speculating.

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…35 dollars in Albania is a lot of money since the average salary is Albania is $371. If you’re booked for 14 nights you’ve made the same as the average worker.

In contrast my nightly rate of £30 means even if I host every night, it still comes in well below the average salary in the UK.

So yes, I guess even with wire fees it’s worth it for you.

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My house is infront of the sea Zandra and i have heard that the international wire takes like 20 dollars for transaction. I only rent it 5 to 7 days in a month because not a lot of people visit Albania. This is why I asked about the fee aprox. and wheather its worth it.

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They charge on both ends. You pay a fee and so does the recipient. Not sure how this would work with Airbnb.

I don’t know how it would work with your country either but I am in the U.S. When my guest in Australia wanted to wire funds to my bank, the intermediary bank (the first bank it passes through – Mellon Bank) charged me a fee of $25! Then, when it got to my bank (Bank of America), it charged me a fee of $16 (if I recall) for “handling”. My bank waives the fee for special customers so I wasn’t actually charged but Mellon Bank’s charge was still on me.

I notified the guest about the (unexpected) wire fee(s) and that I would be deducting the $25 fee of Mellon Bank from his security deposit. When I refunded the guest’s security deposit, I sent him a paper cheque because I was not privy to his account info. I assume he had conversion and handling fees on his end to get the USD converted to his AUD currency.

It happened again with a New Zealander guest. When I experienced another similar wire fee ($25), I stopped accepting wire transfers. They all have to use PayPal with my online invoice. With the processing fee being 4.5% (which I pass on to them), it is the best way to handle payments from outside the U.S.

Needless to say, this is via another platform, not Air.