Please help Jay at Sloth Club

All we can do has been done.

We need a new friend of Jay on this forum to take over the air listing and ensure she doesn’t get penalized for her and the dog’s medical crisis.

email us at

We will discuss compensation later.
David and Sandra Bennett

Now there’s a dog?

It gets stranger and stranger.


Oh oh, now we are talking about compensation… And a dog…and who is The Bennets?

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Well, now it sounds like the Bennets, who I assume are the owners of the Sloth Club, want to hire someone from this board to manage the listing, because Jay and the dog are sick.

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Quite a fun little game, this :slight_smile:


This forum has turned into exacerbation of my stress response.

If any of you reply to this thread, you are dead to me.

I n eed fucking help. If no one can, get the fuck out of my inbox and the fuck out of my way.

Sorry, maybe you should try to make your posts a bit more coherent.

Most people here are quite good at reading and understanding posts.

But your posts seem like one continuous LSD trip, so you cannot blame others for not understanding you.



That’s all I have to say…

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Yeah David and Sandra Bennett own the Sloth Club and someone named Jay (who was female) was managing it. She first started posting as Perezo and all her posts were quite coherent. Then she disappeared for a few weeks (at the time of the honeymooners that needed to be re located due to painting in the rental) then came back and started posting semi-coherent messages. And now it appears that the owners of the property have taken over the new identity of JnJack. Actually JnJack’s posts alternate between sounding like the old Perezo and someone else altogether.


I’m starting to think that the bad guests Jay is talking about are the honeymooners from Perezo’s post.

Kind of getting a bipolar vibe from the whole thing.

Jay/Perezo/whoever, if the replys to your posts are coming into your email and stressing you out, you can go to your profile and change the settings so you don’t get an email every time someone replys to your posts.


No, she posted that all went well with the honeymooners and the honeymooners left a brief but happy review. You can see it on the listing.

I thought so too, he/she sounds like he took a pill or too. And then this person commands everyone around and tells everyone what to say or how to answer, and to post or not to post.


Jay and a dog, its like… Old man and a sea.


@chris love a good tongue lashing.

Yeah, totally incoherent. Have ptsd and had my first acute stress respons ein 4 years.

I wasn’t making any sense. sorry to waste the forum’s time… thiere was no one else helping

Luckiily a couple of new forum friend sread through the distress and helped. So thanks for nothing. tee hee

finally a chuckle. Gracias yana.

It’s now J and a dog and a vet threatening my life - story soon to have new names.

Love your guts already

Gnome, glad it sounded that way. They gave me control of their identity

Been surprisingly helpful for badgering bad guests, not helpful locally… not as many friends as they thought. muhahahah

Glad you ar ehere, gnome

yep, unfortunately, I am reduced to such in order to get attention.

Humans… sorry for the cussing, not my usual style

k9 ah cannot tag

You are very intelligent. Bang on. But I’m back, just cannot get into my original forum account.

You rock big time, like Def Lepard.

Semi coherent Jay is back and I just quit sloth club… :smiley: Jack the dog is coming with me. My first dog! Wahoo!

gnome - yeah, i finally had time to set the filters

I thought “don’t fing respond” would be sufficient. Ah humans…

Honeymooners were awesome, no problems.

It was the next guests and then a friend’s friend and a sick dog and death threats that really got my tail a waggin’