Please critique my Whistler ski condo listing

Hi everyone,

New Airbnb host here. Would love to have some input on my listing. I have gotten quite a few bookings for the upcoming ski season but it’s always good to get some advice and learn from the pros!


Hi Jeff! Your place looks nice and everything is clearly laid out. Apart from… the ski-related info! I’m not a skier but many in my family are and they would want to know exactly how far are you from the slopes, where can they store their ski stuff safely, what advice/tips do you have etc etc.
So basically my input is that it’s marketed as a ski condo but there is no ski-related stuff in the listing.


This seems to be a new trend on this forum. People joining and immediately asking for listing reviews.

@JeffreyWhistler good luck with your listing.


The list of rules and waivers is unusually extensive for an airbnb posting and I find it unwelcoming.


As a host - I like how clear his rules are!

I agree especially listing the rules twice; in “the space” and under “house rules”. “The space” description should be more inviting in my opinion, not featuring the internet and rules so much. Also, more descriptions in the photo captions and maybe light a fire for the photo to make it look more cozy.

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Security deposit seems high, unless market. Note, i’m not sure if you are aware, but the Airbnb security deposit is fake and provides you no protection.

Rules section will lose you renters.

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Since there seems to be a run of these posts lately I will throw in with my unvarnished two cents:

  1. For your lead photo I would not use the one with the slightly home-made truck camper parked in front of the building.
  2. The interior photos are dark, For a place with “bright” in the title it does not feel bright. I would brighten them up via a photo imaging program.
  3. The photo labeled Livingroom and Hallway seems unnecessary and seems to just feature the generic ceiling fixtures.
  4. The kitchen photo is not appealing. You might want to consider staging it differently with something interesting above the cabinets, or crop differently. Show more floor and less dead ceiling space.
  5. Loft photo is crooked.
  6. Security deposit seems excessive.
  7. The description includes more info about the gaming system and none about skiiing. It is obvious to other familiar with “Whistler” how close it is?

Also – and this is just me - but the space does not feel homey. It feels like a generic condo offered solely as a STR and that’s fine, but not my thing. That’s exactly what others are looking for, though, I am sure, but not me.

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You should know that some of your House Rules are not enforceable:

“6. The OWNERS shall not be responsible for any accident or injuries occurring to the RENTER, or guests of the RENTER, on this property or premises.”

“8. The OWNERS are not responsible for any injuries incurred on the property.”

[There’s a very good chance you will be held responsible if neglect or negligence is found against you. Stating that you are not responsible does not make it so.]

"9. The RENTER hereby agrees to reimburse the OWNERS for any penalty that may be imposed on the OWNERS by any court by reason of any violation upon the premises through fault of the RENTER therein, his/her family members or guests.’

[Even if the Renter agrees to such a clause, it would not be enforceable on its own. You would have to take the Renter to court to establish fault and responsibility and abide with the court’s ruling.]

“10. The RENTER waives any and all security provisions.”

[What is meant by “security provisions”?]

Paragraph 11 has issues, paragraph 12 has a misspelling: “quite” should be “quiet”…



Thank everyone for the great input. Definitely things I need to work on. I’ve been mostly busy getting the place ready, small home improvements etc. and haven’t had much time for the listing. FYI, I won’t be running the airbnb as a full on business and we’re only looking to rent it out here and there.

Ski related info I will add.

Photos were quickly taken with my phone to get the listing online and are temporary. Looking to get professional ones done.

The security deposit is high but it seems on par with similar listings nearby.

My house rules were mostly taken from a google search for short term rental contract. As I said I’m new at this so appreciate all the feedback.

I thought Whistler just laid down super strict regs over STR. I am assuming you are in one of the resort zoned areas? If not, watch out!

Regarding your rules, why don’t you ask guest to sign an additional contract upon booking. I think this is allowed. Have a lawyer draw it up. Don’t leave it to chance.

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Whistler is super strict, which I think is great. Our place is a Phase 1 property and we pay Tourism Whistler fees.

Phase 1*
The Phase 1 zoning allows the owner to do the following:
You can occupy the property on a full time basis
You can rent the property on a month to month tenancy
You can rent the property on a nightly / weekly basis

Didn’t know about the possibility of an additional contract.

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Hi there, for me the photos look too dark - you wonder if there is much natural light - though I see the windows…maybe retaking the photos when its a sunnier day? let me know what u think of mine:

@Stpetersburg I agree with my photos being a bit dark. Your photos and place look amazing! Very nice, welcoming, informative and clear description.

tks Jeffrey…good to share!

@Stpetersburg - you already asked for critique of your place on a separate thread. Please be respectful of readers’ time and attention.

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Yes. Don’t cross post. Although I’m glad I looked at your place. Bucket listing.

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Foamies? Not a term I am familiar with… is this referring to the blue couches? I had to go back and look at the photos to see if I could match the word with an object.