Plastic water bottle in the bedroom

In Taiwan it is not safe to drink tap water. The governemtn puts chlorine in it, does all the cleaning and all but no one drinks it from the tap. Houses are either equipped with filter and boiler or households buy mineral bottled water.

We buy mineral water by gallons and it stays in the kitchen for everyone to drink. However in the guests bedroom we provide plastic mineral bottled water. Lately I feel the amount of trash caused by such individual bottles is too big. We don’t ask guest to remove trash.

I am thinking to put air tight (I saw some in IKEA) glass water bottles in the bedroom.

What type of water do you provide in the guest room (if any)? And any opinion about my case?

Hi @Vera,

Bombay tap water is not potable. We boil ours, though we (or at least I) have toyed with the idea of a filter. The guests get the same water as we drink.

Why don’t you boil or filter your water instead of buying bottled water (mineral or otherwise)? Is it too expensive or time-consuming?

Gas here is more expensive than water. We have a electric boiler too, but it keeps the water hot (it is more like a huge kettle) . I use the water for coffee , hot chocolate and so. I would need to transfer the hot water to a container for it to cool, it would take a lot of time and space.

The tap at my house is not potable either. We fill our drinking water from a nearby municipal spigot. The water is like spring water and is delicious!!!, better than any bottled.

I fill a small sparkletts bottle and a small glass pitcher and keep it in the room for guests. I explain that they should not drink the water as it is rainwater.


I leave San Pellegrino in glass bottles. They then go into the recycling.

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@konacoconutz do your guests ever requested bottled water , for taking out to the Beach etc

Nice, i bet they love it. San Pellegrino here is mad expensive.

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We live in Los Angeles, CA. The tap water here is safe to drink, but it tastes nasty because of the chlorine. We got a whole house filter, so now the water from all the taps tastes fine and we don’t smell like a swimming pool when we’re done showering. I refuse to supply plastic water bottles because the land fills are overflowing with them. We have some food safe metal bottles that we use if we want to bring water with us. We are happy to lend them to our guests for the day. We even suggest that they fill them most of the way and freeze them the night before. For drinking water in the guest room, we provide water glasses.


Great idea. We have some of this at home too, that’s a great substitute for taking water outside, we use it all the time and I never thought of offering it to the guests. Thank you!

No. They can buy their own or fill up my exercise bottles. They never ask me for water, but then I require them to be self sufficient since they have their own apartment.

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Revomax stainless steel vacuum insulated flask is best always.