Planning permmision

Im a super host and have had my place for 20 mths .the council have just closed me down .The reason being for potential noise and parties . its all a load of rubbish its just that i have horrid neighbors

This is an international forum. Maybe there’s someone hosting here who could help if they knew where you were hosting. Laws are different everywhere.

I know in the UK it’s almost impossible to get anywhere shut down for noise. Usually there’s a laborious noise diary process which takes ages.

hi i live in sunderland tyne and wear england

no in this case I converted part of my beauty salon into a guest house the building already had commercial planning on it. i was going to make the salon bigger but when the recession hit i change the direction of my business… At first there wasn’t a problem but then she started to complain about everything even my dogs she had the rspca out. my dogs are 18 and well looked after and have lived here all thee lives without complaint.They then got the planners out and they said as thee was a material change with the use of the building i would have to e apply for a house dwelling with business use. anyhow to cut a long story short the turned it down and i appealed. They have now turned down my appeal and said i have to close in 2 mths . putting 4 ppl out of work

I haven’t lived in the UK for quite a while but it seems to me that as your first application failed (the change of use one) and your appeal failed then there’s nothing further you can do. Changing use from beauty salon to guest house is a pretty big change so it’s not really surprising that it was turned down.

A live in host might make it workable. Might you find such a co-host? A separate B&B would need planning.