Pictures are not updated when copying URL to facebook

We updated all our pics a week ago. Wen I go to listing on AIRBNB it shows correctly. But when I copy URL to Facebook, it still shows the old pictures.

Any help?

What does it show on the live listing?

It correctly shows the updated pics.

Ok, and what are you trying to accomplish? Copy the gallery to FB?

I’m trying to put the listing onto facebook. The AIRBNB Help is outdated but seems to imply that I should copy/paste the URL.

If i post it to THIS message it looks fine:

But, if I copy the same URL to facebook, here’s a screenshot of the result, which has the old pics:

Sounds more like they have a bug in their system. What did they say?

Hi hiker108,

If you go to your home page under refer hosts on the right you should see “pro marketing page”. Open this and add a photo. This is the page you are supposed to use to market your property. Add this URL to your Facebook page or share in the other ways nominated. It is not of much use other than this except it is the only link that can be added to your listing if you have multiple properties.


Just needed to clear my browser cookies! I guess facebook must keep a massive URL cookie database in my computer. All gone. My AIRBNB listing URL now shows perfectly! Thanks for all the responses.

I was able to solve problem by clearing browser cookies. Thanks for your input.