Photo upload issues

Im new to the Forum but been shooting for Airbnb 8 years and loving it.
The last few days I’ve had no luck with uploading photos.
Tried different browsers, Internet connections and am up to date on any updates.
Anyone experiencing any issues?

It is because you’re new to The Forum I believe

I think the OP may be asking about uploading to his listing(s), not here on the forum.

I encountered some problems before and to resort to a slow process

I-pad-photos saved to photo library
Log into Airbnb & begin edit/add photo process
Load 1 pic each time.

I found out later i was trying to rush process. I wasn’t waiting until the photo fully downloaded before selecting accept

You have to make sure the photos you are uploading are in the .jpeg format, some cameras save in other formats and can not be read onto websites.