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Phone Recordings


Look at you making excuses to start up a PM conversation with @faheem :blush:


I’m still one of the peasants who doesn’t get to call on a dedicated Super Ho line. :rofl::rofl::rofl::cry::sleepy:


Ooh la la you caught me!


Could this be our first forum romance??? :heart:️:heart_eyes::heart:


Oh no! My husband won’t be happy but then again he’s not on the forum.


I wouldn’t worry about it it. I call it. They say hello superhost. Ask for my phone number. I give it to them five or six times. They don’t recognise it. Then I wait in the queue with everyone else.


New Orleans. Large historic home. $550 - $1200/night, depending on
season. Rent about 180 days/year, mostly on VRBO.


Thanks for sharing your info! Beautiful home. Just wow


If I go missing from the forum just message @faheem
Bollywood here I come ha ha


dconsta, welcome to the forum and sorry it wasn’t the warmest welcome. Most of the posters on here are respectful but I have been bullied by a couple of the long timers on here as well but I won’t let them bully me away from all the nice helpful members on here so hopefully you won’t either! i thought what you posted was quite funny but may also deserve a call to be escalated to a supervisor. Since they are recording, you can provide the time and date of the call and they should be able to pull the recording.

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the USA but only during the winter as it is too hot in the south for this Canadian born, Oregon living lady!


Well done, pdxmindjammer.
And dconsta, please know I agree with all this poster has expressed.


Enough. This kind of conversation isn’t productive or necessary.

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