Phone numbers in ABB messages

I just got a booking request from a newbie guest and she asked that I text her to advise that I got her booking request but, of course, ABB blocked the number. Odd/New thing is the below screenshot. The system wouldn’t even allow me to message her until I chose accept or decline. I couldn’t even send my standard acceptance message. Weird but FYI.


I got one of those lately, but it wasn’t that the guest was trying to exchange sensitive info, just that the algorithm picked up something it thought was a phone number or address, but wasn’t. But I just clicked on Respond to Inquiry and I was able to send the guest a return message, as I recall.

I’ve gotten those for several months now.

NEVER Communicate by text or otherwise outside the platform.

I’m aware, and I don’t. I tell people that ABB blocks numbers and that all communication must be on the app since they booked thru ABB, not directly. (Let them think about that one what they want).

I wanted others to be aware since it was the first I have seen it.

Funny thing I just saw … The notification list view shows the number but the number disappears when I click into the message. And, the guest was crafty enough to spell the number but it still caught it.

Hope she got the notification that I approved her stay …

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I got one of these twice. One time I just clicked “respond to inquiry” and it let me send a message normally. The other time, I was quite frustrated with the potential guest. She wanted to check-in by noon and checkout by 3:30 pm (as if!) and was being a pita. While she was still arguing with me she added her work title/work website/work email/work phone number as an attempt to demonstrate how very important and special she was and that triggered the message. I gleefully clicked on “Report and Decline”. It seemed like a special gift at the time.


Oh YES!!! I love these moments. I get that from time to time at work and it is so satisfying when a :poop: gets the opposite reaction they are hoping their posturing and bullying is going to produce. Love it!