Philadelphia occupancy tax issues

i’d love to hear from any other forum members in Philly who’ve dealt with Phila occupancy taxes. I’ve been a host w Airbnb for under a year. I know that Airbnb charges 15.5% for state and local taxes (8.5% Phila hotel tax, 7% PA sales tax for Philadelphia) on top of my listing price and holds those funds to be paid out directly to the taxing authorities. But I have no way of providing Airbnb with a Phila business account # so that my Phila tax payments get properly credited. And I’ve been getting notices from the Phila Dept of Revenue requesting payment of my hotel taxes. I haven’t been able to get an answer from Airbnb’s Tax and Legal team on this - it may just be my imagination, but it seems like they’re really dragging their heels on this. Anybody have any experiences that would shed any light on this issue? Thanks friends!

This is an international forum, so not sure how many hosts you will find on here from your area.

Have you checked to see if there is a local FB or other group for your area?

I would have thought if you need a business account you would need to speak to your local government or tax office about it rather than Airbnb, but am not familiar with how things work in the US.

Again, there is probably no one here who is a tax accountant certified to work in your area. Call, and keep calling AirBnb until you get an answer – keep asking to speak to a supervisor until you do.

You may need to get a license. You don’t have one?

Yep–have all the required licenses.

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