Pets allowed: Cats vs Dogs

Don’t get me wrong I love cats I’ve had 6 of them. For years I ticked the “Pets Allowed” box as this realistically only meant dogs in the past, I only had one cat stay in 5 years. Now I’ve had two groups want to bring their cat in 2 months. When I had my own cats here, kept separately, I used to warn guests who were allergic they might get in downstairs. But I rehomed my last cat when I was in and out of hospital so much last year. Now I want to be able to say the place is cat free so people with allergies can stay without taking drugs. But I don’t want to ban pets because people with dogs are a major and much appreciated part of my listing USP. I know from my own cats in the past that they don’t travel well (yes there are exceptions) and when I was forced to stay in a STR in London while my flat was renovated they tore the place up. I have furniture with many happy memories left of various cats (I’ve had 6 over 25 years) still scratched into them. And a cat is more likely to do a sneaky pee or poo if stressed out in a new place. One of the bookings was for 10 days but I figured a cat could cause a lot of trouble in that period. I recently had a guest give me my first 4 star review for cleanliness in ages because of a “doggy smell” on one of the bedrooms so I figured it was time for the bi-annual rug cleaning. So I know dogs aren’t care free either. A cat might pee on a bed and ruin the mattress or linens even with a protector.

What do people think? What is your experience with guests cats or guests with your own cats? Have there been more lately?

I’ve always thought Airbnb should allow you to specify which pets were allowed. I suspect that there are a lot more covid lockdown bought cats now than before and the people buying them don’t realise they don’t travel well and think they will go back to their old touring life with a cat in tow. For now I’ve added “Dogs welcome (sorry no cats)” to my listing description but I hate wasting upfront real estate on things you can’t do. And added in a rule about no cats. Knowing it will annoy people who see “Pets Allowed” and assume they can bring their pet moggy. I am on IB as otherwise I disappear down the listing results and in the past have had no problems with that at all, apart from the one people who brought a cat and the problem was with them not the cat.


I allow both and rarely get anyone traveling with cats. I haven’t had issues with cat pee but I have found evidence of cat claws on drapes and upholstery.

I’ve been mostly closed during the pandemic but when open, I haven’t seen more cats. I’ll be opening again in August, so if I see a difference I’ll report back.

Edit: I may not be reopening after all. My nuisance neighbor kids are being a nuisance tonight so I’m going to have to wait until school starts back and see how that changes things.


I spell it out, dogs only no other species of animals allowed.



We’re firmly in the NO pets camp. We love, and have, both cats and a dog, but the thought of getting a 4 Star tag for a pet smell, just doesn’t do it. In our 6 years or so, we’ve only had one guest asks about bringing cats (2) and we sadly declined…

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Me too. And then 2 in a fortnight.

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I asked the guest to cancel but then had to do it myself. In the past if I wanted to cancel they said they would block out the dates but now it said as I was IB I could cancel if guests needs not suitable without penalty. Good to know. Also updated my listing to explicitly say “no cats”. As an adjunct we had about 5 dogs before covid in our 40 house village and now there are 20! They go past all day and yap at each other. Fortunately my new rescue Spike never knew how easy it was before when you could walk dogs off lead as there were so few. Now the dog poo police patrol vigilantly!


I had an American lady stay recently with two corgis. She had brought them with her from Tennessee a few year ago. They not only barked but howled in unison! My cleaner had a lot of trouble getting their hair out of the carpet and sofa (the next woman gave me a 4 for cleanliness complaining of dog smell and hair). Owner also told me they had peed at night in the spare room and we put some stuff on it but I suspect they did it more than once. My own dog was completely un house trained when I got him and it took about a month to get him house trained and crate trained. And all new rugs. Honestly I don’t know how you do it with multiple dogs. I get a lot of dogs but the sliding doors open onto the yard so there is no excuse to not take them out and only one or two dogs stay at a time. Corgis now on the (very short) banned list! Along with Samoyeds whose bark is like finger nails running down a black board.


Do you put it in the initial listing? There is limited space there so I want to show all the great things about the place to entice guests, not the million things we don’t have like a view of the Eiffel Tower.

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Actually discriminate against certain breeds of dogs? And not for insurance reasons?

We welcome pets and kids. Our big restriction is max 2 adults. We get tested on that quite often, but it’s our way of flying under the city’s radar, so we are strict on it.

We definitely see more damage from cats than dogs, but I don’t see restricting them. Instead, we will gradually replace anything they damage with more pet-friendly furnishings. When it comes to cat allergies, we are simply not suitable, sorry! Our own three cats like to explore when the suite is vacant.

I think it’s all about finding your niche.

If the rental area is in your home, tell Airbnb that you are allergic to cats. They don’t ask for medical documentation and you can state no cats. I am truly allergic to dogs and Airbnb has even let me enforce no dogs for service dogs in my home share.

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I’ve made an investment in tile floors, multiple baby gates in doorways, astroturf, etc. It isn’t easy by any means and this summer has not been pleasant for me due to the large number of dogs, and especially new dogs.

Before the pandemic I had settled into a rotation of about 30-40 clients and their dogs. Many dogs knew each other and I knew them. 8-10 guests plus my two in that situation is pretty managable. But add two dogs you don’t know, especially if they are male (they almost all mark, even inside) or young, and the work isn’t 20% more, it’s 50% more.

So every Airbnb guest, unless it’s a regular, is going to be a “new dog.” Once your stuff has been peed on, it’s going to continue to give off scent to dogs, I don’t care what chemical you put on it.

I’ve never boarded corgis and I don’t have a banned breed. In the hundreds of dogs I’ve boarded, I have not been able to assign characteristics to any breed that are 100% guaranteed to that breed. I’ll take just about any dog once and go from there. I recently had a family with a mini Schnauzer and a French Bulldog. Those dogs will not be returning. I usually don’t take intact males but I have a litttle guy here now on his second visit and I’m going to give him a 3rd chance due to his outstanding personality. I haven’t been able to determine how much of the marking is his.

No, there’s not but marking is not related to how much they are taken out. Males are much worse but I’ve also had females that mark.

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That is an excellent quote and a great approach. I’ve read many listings where that ought to be applied. :roll_eyes:


This doesn’t hold water if you have tour own cats in the house…besides, don’t lie. You are better than that, aren’t you? :wink:

I set my profile to only regulars at my house…Rover sent one through anyways. It is almost a month out so I can plan for it and I was honest w the client about my policy and why and that she had to be flexible and positively communicative if she wanted me to take her on as a client. She agreed…

So I just got around to reading her updated profile (I can handle whatever so don’t worry about profiles, or blank ones…which hers was originally)…I am in fir a real treat if work…this puppy will be just as much work if but more, than my worst to date it sounds like.

I said no to a guest wanting to bring a pet snake. Albino boa purported to be sweet, and I guess shedding wouldn’t be much of a problem, but no. Although the problem is 100% my own unreasonable fear, I framed it as worrying that the snake might enjoy the riverbank too much and get away. The local wildlife would never forgive me.
I “worry” in the same way about cats. I don’t specifically ban them, but I frame my own wish not to deal with damage as “they might run into the woods”. They might, though. I would if I were a cat.

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I have pet friendly oasis in my description and never allow cats.
People understands. In three years since opening I have only had about 5 people ask to bring cats. I don’t allow the dogs to be left alone/ or offer to dog sit. I don’t want cats in the vehicles all day.

When I get those there is a little note that says “this request doesn’t match your preferences” or something to that effect. I didn’t mind it because of the way I was running the Rover side of things. Now I’m off Rover. I have one last booking on there at the end of the month and then I’m deactivating with no intention of ever going back. But your profile there is seemingly forever.

Why so?

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Yes, near the bottom this is it exactly:
The cabin is the perfect home base for 2 people, or two people and a dog exploring MyTown. Dogs only are welcome (no other species of animals) with a fee and prior approval please inquire before booking if you would like to bring a dog.

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Usually that is the case but not this time.

The info the owner put is exhausting…and how they handle things (also indicated in the info) does not necessarily set the puppy up for learning and improving any tune soon. Definitely falls into my mentioned category of “special handling” for the special handling fee (which I usually offer as an option in lieu of paying more than double for each accident when it is a puppy). Funny how EVERY time the owner suddenly does not really trust that they are actually house trained.

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