Pet requests times 100!

Wow, week after week we get requests for pets and policy clearly says no pets. Requests promise crate while away, well-trained, flea preventative, and more (and from advice in forums I know it isn’t always so).

Are enough hosts bending their policy and accepting if the traveler is convincing enough?

I’m sticking with my no pets, but curious if everyone gets that many requests.

And if you do accept pets, do you get non-pet families?

I adore pets (but not in the rental), but this is exhausting.


I have only had two requests in over 6 months - but mine is two bedrooms in my house, sharing, so maybe that’s why.

Sounds like a headache!

I only got this question once. From a pair of professors who were planning to bring their dog to Hawaii. They had misread the Pets on Property notation to mean pets were allowed. But what they must not have known was that Hawaii has a quarantine for rabies. If you choose to shorten that time, it is possible but you have to start six months in advance with vaccinations, chip the dog and hire a vet to be present at both the departure and arrival planes to complete the certification. Ummm no I guess you won’t be bringing that dog after all?

We have a no pets policy but have relented on it a couple times without bad results. Although were a cat house now, I love dogs and none of the welcomed dogs misbehaved or left a mess…very well behaved. I think the down side to welcoming any pets, well ehaved or not, is the allergy people who react to the slightest hint of dander… We don’t maintain a bubble environment so they’re probably better off elsewhere.

That’s interesting - is rabies not endemic to Hawaii? Its not in NZ either so if we were to bring a pet back from the UK it would stay in quarantine for 6 months (which is an island in the middle of Wellington harbour lol…)

No rabies in the Islands but they fear if it got out it would be a terrible scourge with all the little mongeese we have running around, plus all the feral cats. When I first moved here, I had to surrender my cat in Honolulu and she stayed in a wonderful quarantine facility where she had her own cat condo and several types of food. She was always under the care of a vet. In four months I was able to go pick her up.

what’s funny about the whole quarantine fiasco is it isn’t accomplishing anything. if rabies gets to hawaii it won’t be in vacationer’s pet. it’ll be a wild stow away on board a freighter. they’ve relaxed the procedures quite a bit lately. no quarantine anymore. still a bunch of admin hoops to jump through though.

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