Pet Friendly listing NOT dog sitter - Your Thoughts?

Got some guests bringing their pooch to our pet friendly listing. It is also our home and we currently have two dogs.

They have asked about whether they can leave the dog in their room when they go out to dinner. I am inclined to say that I would prefer them to find dog friendly restaurants and pubs (there are many in Oxford) and not to leave the dog alone in the room.

What are your thoughts on this?

I had this a few years ago when we still hosted dogs. (The HA rules changed after that).

I told the guest that yes, I’d be happy for them to leave the dog when they went out to an awards ceremony. and "please leave the dog enough water and ‘toys to keep him occupied for the evening’.

I told them that I’d go into the rental every so often in the evening to ‘check that the dog was okay’ - in other words check that it wasn’t being a menace.

As it turned out, they decided not to leave the dog. (They probably thought I wasn’t trustworthy. :rofl: )

I don’t mind going the extra mile for guests as it often leads to referrals, repeats and great reviews.


It was nice of them to ask. Some dogs can be left alone and just sleep or quietly wait for their owners to return and don’t chew things up, but of course you can’t know if it’s that sort of dog, or one that will cry, whine and howl the entire time, and neurotically rip the pillows apart.

Maybe say yes under the condition that they need to come home right away if that happens and you call them. Or if all the dogs are compatible, just let their dog hang out with yours, rather than be left in the room?

But definitely mention the dog-friendly eateries. There may not be any where they live, and it never occurred to them that is an option.


I like your idea to offer them a list of dog friendly restaurants. The doggie would be stressed being alone in the room. It’s best for all involved if they took doggie with them.