Pet fee not calculating to booking price

I enabled the pet fee option in my listing last week but it is not calculating to the booking price when selected. I have a $150 pet fee. Opened a ticket with Airbnb to find out why, not response yet.

The pet fee option is of no benefit to hosts, only guests, as far as I can tell. The max pet fee per stay that Airbnb has set is $50.

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Wow! Is there a max fee on anything else!!? That’s some :poop:

I was thinking I WISH this had all been known to me when I was in that Community thing I zoomed in for. And then I realized….

…they had us all muted while they hyped up these new “features” and all we could do is write in the chat…that they ignored or acknowledged as they saw fit.

That’s what we are. On mute while they’re busy telling us all the great things their doing for us. :skull_and_crossbones:


Can you, or anyone else direct me to where this is stated in their policy? Or was it in the promo video they released?

I just tried to change my pet fee to $100 for fun and it didn’t say the max was $50. It said my pet fee has to be lower than my nightly rate of $44. But my nightly rate isn’t $44 it’s $59.


It seems to me that Airbnb is still working on this. It must be fun trying to field all the complaints for something that isn’t even in effect yet. I’m glad I’m not an Airbnb employee.

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That’s the other broken part besides not thinking things through/consulting impacted hosts.

If they’d run a pilot they could have worked issues out w/o upending so many at once.

Seriously, someone in Policy Setting and Implementation (it’s what I’d call it :slightly_smiling_face:) needs to be demoted or made a “free agent”.

They really :poop: the bed on this one. I wonder if AirCover will cover this unfortunate accident? :rofl:

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I can’t remember where I saw the max $50, will research.

But a host from Europe (and we know things sometimes appear differently in different areas) stated the following- I asked where she found the wording and she said she had done a simulated booking in her own listing (experienced host, as well as guest, BTW). She said:

"I tried on my listing. If I set pet fee 10€ it doesn’t change with more pets selected.

And one more thing… it is not shown as a separate fee but included in the nightly price. For example, if my nightly price is 50€ and pet fee is 10€ then the 1-night booking is shown like 60€ per night + cleaning fee + service fee … and it doesn’t change if I select 1, 2 or 5 pets."

I’m not sure why you seem to be forgiving of Airbnb for rolling things out publicly before testing or working out the glitches?

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Because I don’t think they are perfect. They never have been and never will be. Maybe the people who are seeing the place to put fees in are the test group. I don’t have the technical expertise to know precisely how and why they should be doing it differently.

I don’t understand why people tie themselves into knots trying to criticize Airbnb at every turn. Some folks never, ever give them the benefit of the doubt and yet they still use them. All the negativity would be draining to me. I’m just not that unhappy.

I don’t have the option to select for pets at all if I make a booking. I just found a pet friendly listing in NM. There’s no filter for pets allowed now, I just had to find one randomly. In the listing, it says there is a $50 flat fee for pets regardless of the length of stay. It doesn’t say if that’s per pet or if there is a limit on number of pets. When I click on reserve there is no where to enter any information about pets. He would have to charge me for my pets separately for now.

How many days has it been where you can’t filter listings for pets? Confusing pricing and ridiculous amount of animals you can haul in with you.

Does Air ever really think through big changes or does someone have it occur in a dream and they decide to make the stupid change? So, glad I’m not having to deal with the pet aspect now.

I guess I see it like any business. Rolling something out before testing it, not on users, but internally, seems to me not much different than throwing up a listing and taking bookings before you really have it guest ready.

“Yes, I plan to get bedside tables and a desk and chair, and kitchen utensils, but I need to rent for a few months and make some money first. I guess the guests will tell me what I need to add.”

Or advertising dog boarding if you don’t actually know what you need to run that business and are just going to rely on customers to tell you your facilities aren’t adequate.

And yes, I guess that host in Europe has the pet fee showing up for her place, but many hosts still haven’t seen it activated on their accounts in other areas.

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So my degree is in software engineering. Just high-level - it begins with customer requirements gathering (read “guests and hosts”) & reconciliation since you may have conflicting interests in this case. Identify the feature priorities & draw the line on what’s in and what’s out. Then design. Review. Redesign. Review…… Then an implementation plan with a rollout schedule. We always did alpha and beta testing to work out bugs with the help of a designated group of carefully selected users to rep the known user set.

There’s more to it but “perfection” isn’t the issue. It’s “professionalism”.

I like Air a lot…and then they do something to make me mad…then I get over it and like them again. I have the same cycle with VRBO.

I was shocked in that Community thing when they said their “Board” of hosts representing “us” was 18 people from 15 countries (+/- 1). I wish they’d do some data mining to ID the right subsets of people to consult on various changes. There’s so much info they could leverage.

Oh well…it’s Thanksgiving here in the US so I’m being thankful I have an STR, a place to advertise it and super experienced people to help me be successful. Thanks y’all! :pray:t4: Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:


I said in another thread that they took that sort feature away because you have to out in the number of pets (up to 5) in the same area where you put the number of differently aged guests (adults, children, infants). When you search with that it will supposedly only show you listings that allow pets.

Ah, thank you. That makes sense. I should probably go back and delete a bunch of posts now because they are inaccurate.

Or … wait a day until the next code drop and your original posts will be accurate again? :slight_smile:

Mmmm, but it’s still there, just under amenities (not logical at all IMO). It just depends upon how you search.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what we’re talking about. If this is too much redundancy or it’s just wrong feel free to censor:-)

I think Airbnb will figure this out. It should come as zero shock to anyone that there are pains with this new functionality this early in the game. As clunky as we feel all of Airbnb is/can be, it’s the best in the market by far for many reasons (at the moment).

Nobody wants this pet fiasco to be solved faster than me. I just spent over an hour with a pet impasse with a new guest on the platform. Let’s just say it ended badly for her! And it could have been so much easier if the whole pet function just, ya know, worked.

It’s easy to say what we feel is the correct way of handling enhancements/updates to the platform. Making them happen is at the hands of the brilliant designers and developers in San Francisco. They’ll figure it out (with more time than we want it to take).

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On the desktop which is what I use 99% of time, the pets allowed filter is no longer present under amenities or anywhere else. I do see the place to put number of pets under the drop down menu labeled guests.

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On my computer which is where I do it all, still no way to see rentals filtered by “allows pets”.

Instead, when you put in number of guests, under pets, it says, “bringing an assistance animal?”, then as a footnote, it says, “bringing more than 2 pets, please let your host know”.

This setup is totally ridiculous, is underhanded in how they treat guests and hosts. Before you could filter for rentals that allow pets, not now. There’s no information about cost of having pets and they have the BS assistance animals in the forefront. They clearly want to make it so guests don’t have to pay for pets.


Despite the new policy’s flaws it seems like an improvement to me over the previous system where there was no where to include the number of pets, no where to put a pet fee as part of the total price and a policy that explictly stated they wouldn’t pay for pet damage.

It is not available for me. Another case of a rolling change.

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