Perspective on a review

So I’m coming up on the end of the review window for my guest who claimed our place was filthy ( after checkout but never sent the pics they claimed they took …… and kept demanding compensation), who also had double the number of registered guests logged on camera ( we believe they had visitors not overnight guests ), and also snuck a dog on the property.

I’m drafting their review and definitely will mention broken house rules on guests / visitors and the no pet policy - but I’m wondering about how best to mention the false cleanliness claims with no evidence.

I’m just looking for suggestions for tactful ways to mention it.

I don’t want our review to devolve into a list of nitpicking.

I was thinking something like - “guest provided no communication during visit but after checkout made some significant unsubstantiated claims about cleanliness. Despite requests - the guest never provided pictures / proof to back up the claims.”

Or is that just way too long ?

We pride ourselves in our presentation of our property and are very disappointed in the unsubstantiated claims of uncleanliness.


Or you could leave out the dirty remarks. (Do you know if the guest has even written a review? ). If they did leave your review as you mentioned above without the dirty comments and you post your review with 5 minutes to spare. If he did write a review you will see if he mentions it. If he does, then just state in the space below the review that allows you to comment on their review, in one line that even though requested no proof was sent. Don’t include the threats. That way you don’t have to mention it if they never do but if they do, you can add that to the comment. Make it very short and concise.


They haven’t reviewed us yet. That I’m pretty sure.

And yes - I’ve been thinking of just mentioning the breaking of the household rules and just leaving it at poor communication from the guest

You would know if they reviewed you because you would get a message saying that they did and that you can review them.

I’d just wait until the last 5 minutes of the 14th day (do you know how to check this?) and then put in your reply. Chances are they they have no clue about the reviews and you will be fine.


Yup! I’m quite familiar

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So this is what I’m thinking of going with for the review :

This guest brought unregistered visitors and pets despite the house rules and also had poor communication. They did however leave the house in clean condition.


Would you have them stay again?

Absolutely not ! Seeing that they tried to coerce a refund out of us with false claims

Then that’s how I would finish the review


To me, trying to extort a refund with unsubstantiated and presumably false claims is far worse than extra people and a pet.


It absolutely is but I run the risk of the review turning into a tit for tat conflict. This is the same guest who was sending rants after checkout complaining about why we aren’t doing more to make this right while simultaneously creating excuses for why there are no pictures

STOP OBSESSING ABOUT THE REVIEW. Even if you only have a few reviews, if you do the last minute thing, any reply they may have will probably be a rant that will reflect on them, not you.

As a new host, you will learn that fussing over reviews and ratings is not as important as making guests feel great about their stay, which should generate great ratings.

And if you think this was the guest from Hell, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. It’s best to stop worrying and develop a thick skin.


I’m not worried about their review of us - this is the review I plan to leave for other hosts. I’m trying to narrow down how best we present ourselves in a negative review we are writing. I also don’t want to write anything that would invoke Airbnb customer service or be taken down. Hence my crowdsourcing perspective.

Regarding making the great experience for guests - that’s always been our focus and not an area we are struggling with.

And no - I don’t think this is a guest from hell. But they still sucked royally for what they did after checkout.

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“Guest brought multiple unregistered guests and an undisclosed dog, and, after being caught, repeatedly demanded compensation for unsupported claims of a dirty house upon arrival. Cannot recommend.”

Concise, factual, and helpful to other hosts (assuming I understood the situation correctly).


I don’t like the “unsupported claims of a dirty house” part.

I’d phrase it “demanded compensation for unsupported complaints made only after check-out.”

“Dirty house” doesn’t sound like something hosts should make mention of- future guests might wonder if it really was dirty, and it should be made clear that they had no complaints on arrival or during the stay, i.e. refund scammers.


That’s a great improvement!

Perfectly stated!! Great advice.

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I actually dont know how to check this, could you describe? Thank you…