Personally greeting guests - do you do it?

This is a question for hosts whose rentals are NOT in your home. Do you personally greet your guests when they arrive?

My rental is a garage apartment detached from my house. My check in directions are basically drive up the driveway, park in the garage, enter through the laundry room door, go upstairs and make sure all is well then send me a text. I unlock the door about an hour before their arrival and open the driveway gate. I do not greet them personally unless I happen to be coincidentally outside when they arrive. I wonder if I should be personally greeting every guest?

When I am a guest, I personally prefer not to meet the host and engage in chitchat. I’m usually tired when I return to a house and since I’m an introvert I’d rather be left alone. My reviews are great but I’m wondering if I’m doing guests a disservice by not meeting them upon arrival. I do often meet guests when we cross paths outside and then I visit with them at that time.

I have the same setup as you, and used to do self check in as well. But when I started to collect tax in cash, I needed to change that and get the business out of the way, because I also have signed waivers for gear to collect. Also, I was having so much trouble with the guests taking long showers and wasting water. This completely changed when I greeted them in person and mentioned once again about conservation. I can also show them a couple of the quirky things that are hard to explain in writing. So yes, it’s a bit weird to always be on and ready when they check in, it does get some bothersome details out of the way and I can relax after that.

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I do, unless they arrive at a strange hour. Our rental is a separate apartment but just steps away from my own.

I find that it’s relatively easy to ‘read’ guests’ requirements. Some want to chat and get local info, others just want to be left alone to relax, especially if they’ve had a long journey. I always point out where I live and tell them to ask me if they need anything.

This is a sort of swings-and-roundabouts scenario. Some guests never contact me and are completely self-sufficient. Others contact me every day about something or other. Both are fine - it balances out.

Incidentally, I get a lot of reviews that mention my ‘helpfulness’, even from those who never contact me during their stay. It sets us apart from hotels.


Even though I offer 24hr self check-in, have private entry to my rental, and never really ‘hang out’ socially with guests, I STILL try my best to greet guests upon arrival when able. I believe, for whatever its worth, in being able to look a person in the eye/meet face to face. Ive also gotten better at determining which guests are more likely to be chatty/social during the screening process and engage accordingly. Then again, part of the attraction of such a rental IS the privacy, even given the ‘travel community’ of air bnb and I respect that. I follow up at some point during their stay, otherwise I dont see them at all after check in, which works for me!

I tend to greet all guests.
Although I do give them instructions prior to arrival on how to enter the apartment, their key, parking etc. so it’s not necessary for me to meet them.
I just find that the stay goes better in general. A quick run over of house details and check-out procedures means that even if they don’t read the house notes there is a better chance of procedures being followed.

I just have this feeling that if we meet and make eye to eye contact it makes it more personal, they realize it is my property and to be taken care of, not just a hotel etc. maybe…?


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I think I will start doing this as I don’t want to disappointing the guests who DO want to meet their hosts.

Hosts - when you stay at an Airbnb, do you prefer to meet your host or not? Just curious…

I absolutely want to know them in case of any problems that crop up. Let’s say that a female guest started her period in the middle of the night. She can contact me (because she’s met me and knows that I am a reasonable human being) to say ‘Oh dear, the sheets are stained. Can you help?’

That helps me because I can launder the sheets straight away avoiding stains and helps her avoid embarrassment. An extreme example, I know! But the more comfortable a guest feels with the host, the better the stay should any problems arise.

As a guest, let’s imagine that the toilet gets stopped up. Would I rather report this to someone I’ve met or a stranger?

If I’m there, I greet the guests. I can generally tell how long they want to chat. Body language says a lot!!
During messaging prior to their arrival, I ask what they want to do in my area and I find things out for them and leave the brochures, maps etc in the apartment
. I let them know I might not be there to meet them during this process.
I also put the kind of milk, soy etc that they like in the fridge

As I’m nearby, I let them know they can text me for further assistance. One guest didn’t do this and in the review one said they couldn’t work the aircon and were freezing. They could have texted or rang my doorbell for immediate help!!

yes. Just like a hotel does a fast walk-thru, a question and answer session upon greeting is desirable.

Since i have been meeting guests, my review scores have improved. People like the personal touch and to put a face to a name

I do if I am home on arrival (I rent a private room in a house that I live in). But if I won’t be home I give them my lock box code for the key and a detailed message describing how to access the house and guest room. I’ve had a couple guests I never met due to my schedule and theirs, but it went great with no rating dings.

When I first started hosting I tried to meet each and every guest. That slowly changed to rarely meeting one-nighters. They are here and gone so fast. Plus, most select my space for privacy and seclusion. Our layout is such that it can be kind of uncomfortable/awkward for me to go knock on their door…

I do try to meet anyone who is staying more than one night as we’re in a secluded location and it’s kind of weird not meeting multi-nighters.

Either way, it hasn’t seemed to affect my rating or reviews.

We greet every guest personally.