Personal warranty or security deposit?

Hello all,

Yesterday, my guests left my apartment. During their stay they tried to plug a laptop (as they told me) and the whole room went to dark. No more electricity at all in that room. I looked at the main electricity dashboard and everything works as expected.

Well today I will look at an other small electricity box and if it doesn’t solve the problem I will probably end up by calling a professional.

So the question : what is the best way to go? Using my personal warranty or the security deposit?


Not really a security deposit issue to me - more of a maintenance issue that you need to take care of.

The strange thing though is that this room has been completely renewed a few years ago by a professional. But anyway I think that the deposit would be difficult to use in this case. Well it’s just my opinion, that’s why I ask the question here on the forum.

I don’t see it as a guest issue at all. To me electricity is a homeowner issue. It sounds as if a circuit breaker popped due to overload. Not their fault. The breaker did what it was supposed to do.

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Ok, call the professional back to have him take another look at his job. Probably covered? You have absolutely NO justification to charge the guest deposit, and what’s more if you tried to take that to resolution I would leave you a negative review. (Because guests can still leave reviews during the resolution period) Call your electrician back – since he just worked on it, obviously something went wrong.