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"Personal Touch"

So I am getting a lot of complaints in reviews that my listings lack a “Personal Touch”, however I clearly state in my listing description that I will not be present during their stay and that they will not meet me…

I am not even in the same continent as my guests, let alone country… How can I manage my guest’s expectations better?

Perhaps what they mean is there is a lack of a homey feel? Art on walls, some unique decorations that make it feel like a home/apt rather than a rental? Just trying to come up with ideas, because many love the fact they get a place to themselves, and this is not a complaint you would hear usually.

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Oh I am decorated out the yin yang, I have prints, paintings, and drawings from young local artists in my 6 listings, but I offer guests get a private room in a shared apartment, not an entire place to themselves. They share the apartment with other Airbnb guests.

I have 6 rooms in 2 different apartments, 3 rooms in each.

Hi danielktdoran,

You might consider asking the guests who are saying that your listings lack a personal touch what exactly they mean.

Even when you describe something pretty clearly and disclose it well, they will still grouse. Guests will be guests.

But I am betting they thought they’d get to hang out with a local, and not other guests? Where are you located? In a tourist hub? What you kind of describe sounds like an old fashioned boarding house or a hostel. (Not knocking it… just saying many Air guests really like the idea of staying with the local resident, someone who can give suggestions and ideas. )That is consistently the number one thing my guests state that they like about staying here. Is how helpful I am as a host.

This could be what they mean.

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maybe you could do something with a local personal flare in each room. i stayed in an airbnb in glastonbury that had a pitcher of water from the blessed well for us to drink. WOW! no cost to the host but i thought it a real personal touch! i always leave bottled water in the room for my guests. i’m thinking of getting a label printer and printing personalized labels for each guest’s bottle of water. the printer is $99 and the labels are $.08. i’ll use the printer for other things as well.

Yes, that is nice. As my home is historic and full of antiques and curios, I use beautiful vintage carafe’s in each room, crystal and glass - some that used to be used to decant fine whiskey’s etc. They love it, and I tell them about our nice drinking water that is free of fluoride etc. from a nice local water source.

Put a handwritten note (written by your housekeeper) on the table along with some flowers welcoming them by name. Also, have someone check in with them, perhaps by text asking them how their stay is going. Then follow up right after they check out and tell them you hope they enjoyed themselves. I also suggest that owners have one tasteful (artsy, maybe black and white) photo of you on the wall, maybe in a gallery arrangement. For more tips, go to my blog and you’ll get a lot of ideas. http://1chicretreat.com. Good luck!

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I wrote an article on the importance and nice touch of a water carafe, Stephanie.
Wish I had interviewed you at the time.


Market it as privacy instead of letting them turn it around on you lacking a “personal touch.”

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