Perfect Sign For Thermostats

We’d had a zillion discussions about ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ guests wanting to turn on the heat or AC.

For all of you who have problems with this, here’s the perfect sign to post at your thermostat (make it prettier, of course)


Ha, funny. I would not want to see this in a rental though, no matter how pretty the sign.


I might make a framed version of this as a Christmas present for my father. The man is obsessed with saving energy. His house has a mud room that you walk through to get indoors, so there are two doors before entering. If anyone takes an extra millisecond closing one of them, he yells “Close the GOD DAMN door!!!” He thinks fireplaces are the devil’s work, because they let heat escape from the house.


I would laugh, then turn the heat to whatever was comfortable. I have a smart thermostat, sometimes I adjust it from home:) Once I looked at 10:00 pm and the guest had it set at 88 F I laughed and dropped it to 70, which is warmer than the 68 i would normally keep it at. I think people just turn it up all the way because they are cold, not realizing that that will not bring up the temp faster. I just help them stay comfortable from a distance!



I was with you up until the “See your breath” part! :rofl:
Seeing your breath should mean you get to turn the heat on, if only to avoid frozen pipes!

This makes me think of my stingy property manager in grad-school housing. They put the infamous cage over the thermostat, which was located in the sunny front unit of the house. Unfortunately I lived in the shady back side, part of which was previously a porch, so it was always cold.
Our solution was frozen peas, a bag of which we kept just for the thermostat! I’d give it to the front-room neighbor to lay over the thermostat cage until it tricked the house into tolerable warmth. When we didn’t want to bother her, we’d heat by leaving the oven open (bad, I know, but otherwise we really could see our breath).
People will find a way - might as well give them options that aren’t more dangerous or less efficient!


Love the sign…I once had a guest as me to turn up the heat to 78 degrees so I decide to go upstair to the suite to see how cold It was. The guy was walking around in shorts and t-shirt in the dead of winter in Boston. I now have note that says what temperature I heat the home (day vs night) and that I’m happy to change the temperature within reason.

Actually thinking of picking up a Nest to avoid over heating issues. They might turn it up to 80 but maybe after a few minutes I could remotely turn it back down (particularly if it seems they’ve gone to bed?).

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actually in the nest is an option to set minimum and maximum temps, so you could set an upper or lower limit. You can also schedule temp changes based on time of day / day of week

Or just install a fake thermostat in the guest area. They can play with It all they want :slight_smile:


My Nest let’s me lock a range - lowest to cool or highest to heat. Love it.


We had one of these in a previous house; you could hear the pigeons on the chimney stack cooing, with their droppings in the fireplace… I got an old duvet, put it in a large plastic bag and blocked up the hole.


Honeywell also can have preprogrammed Temps through day/night daily

Your post inspired me to put out a sign.