People with animal allergies booking anyway

Has anyone had this happen? Occasionally we get messages from people who obviously see that we have a cat in the house but book anyway and proceed to tell us ‘Two people in our group are allergic to cats’ as if that’s going to make us take the cat out of the house. So strange! I always message them back telling them that we do have a cat in the house and to keep that in mind if they still decide to come and not cancel. So far most of them do end up cancelling themselves.

I can only think this is the phenomenon of people maybe reading the title, looking at the first 3 to 5 pictures, and booking. What seems obvious to us (a picture of the cat in with the other photos, a blurb in the description stating there’s a cat and if they are allergic or just hate cats they might not comfortable here, and ticking off the “this property has animals” box) is apparently not so obvious to potential guests.

I’ve had the exact same thing happen in a couple different ways. Like you, have had booked guests message me about their allergies, and have had people show up at the door, to be greeted by me and my outgoing cat, exclaim in horror that there is a CAT! Well yes, I explain, just as my listing clearly states and shows, two cats live here, and no, we’re not removing them from the house during your stay.

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Usually it’s just a statement. One party did not respond at first when I emphasized that we own a cat so we called Airbnb and she said as long as the cat doesn’t go in her room it would be ok. She then cancelled later.

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It makes me feel like they did read something or at least saw the picture of our cat but for some reason think we’ll take her out of the house. It’s just really weird!