People not cleaning toilets? is it expected

a guest just left and the toilet was left disgusting, the bottom was all brown, and stained on the bowl. they were there for 3 weeks but seriously do people not clean there toilets? i don’t understand, how can you keep going toilet when it looks like that!?!?

so… what i want to know is this normal, do people not clean there toilets regularly or am i clean freak?
i want to give them less stars in the review. but want to know if this is reasonable.

It’s is disgusting, I agree, but many people leave toilets very dirty. It’s is hard to imagine for us that we can even use toilets like this but unfortunately I saw it many many times.
I don’t mind when toilet is not perfectly clean .
But what you described is unexeptable .
I host also longer term guests and after some guests you walk into he house and it looks like they never cleaned during their stay. And it’s normal family people of above 35 years of age .
One group that stayed for 15 days this June left so many spills on a floor and furniture that my cleaning lady sent me a message : Just wow!!. And also disgusting toilet .

Leave a review what you think is Wright.

They were there 3 weeks and you didn’t do at least a weekly clean to stay on top of it?
I refuse to allow anyone to stay any longer than a week without a clean and if the stay is 10 days then a clean is done at 5. My rates are high enough that I can eat this cost.
Someone local had a 7 week stay… refused weekly cleans … at the end the towels and sheets had to be thrown out.


Presuming your provided them with bleach, toilet brush etc I would expect the guest to keep the toilet clean.

Brown and smeared in unacceptable and deserves only 1 star for cleanliness.

As long as it is within the toilet bowl, it’s part of your job. If someone smeared shit on the walls there’s reason to deduct stars.


I thank my lucky stars that I’ve never had to deal with this. I do three things which may or may not help:

Use one of those ‘release bleach with every flush’ tablet thingies in the cistern
Go into the rental as soon as the guest has left and, without looking (!), flush the loo
Leave bleach, toilet cleaner, toilet brush, plunger, Clorox wipes plain sight

They might not be the answer but it works for me. Crossing fingers here…


Yes it is your responsibility, guests are not your maids FFS. That’s why there is cleaning fee. Expectations from some hosts are way too high, you are not just earning money because you own property, you need to manage it, INCLUDING cleaning.

Nerve on some people. jeez

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No. The cleaning fee is NOT to clean up other people’s crap! This is the twenty first century, for goodness sake. Guests are not our maids but equally we are not theirs. I don’t expect guests to be perfect by any means (in fact, I’m probably one of the most tolerant hosts I know) but I do expect common decency. Leaving your shit for other people to clean up isn’t the action of a civilised person. Sorry.


Uhm, NO. The cleaning fee is to prepare the house prior to guests arrival. Not to clean the toilet that has been left untouched for two weeks. Yes it is the host responsibility to suck it up and clean it up but the host should mark them down to 1* for cleanliness since they were such disgusting pigs.

Jeez, the nerve of some people…



You know exactly what I mean, no reason to dramatize this issue. Cleaning fee is for CLEANING. It can’t be any more obvious.

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Uhm. YES. prepare the house prior to guests arrival and CLEAN the toilet. It is hosts responsibility then there is absolutely no reason for 1*

The reason for one star is the disgusting pig shit in toilet for three weeks ignored the toilet brush and cleaners and left it brown. why so upset? Is YOUR toilet brown?



Cleaning fee, in the opinion of many hosts, is for PREPARING the rental for the guests, not cleaning up after them.

I have no problem with dirty dishes, stains on bedding. makeup on towels etc. etc. etc. but I expect (and get) guests to have a little self-respect and clean up after their own bodily evacuations.

This is not me or anyone else being picky or precious - it’s normal.

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Yes, your logic if flawless. One thing is when guests expect hotel-like experience and other thing are hosts who expect guests to be their maids. Crap is inside where it should be. Just clean it up, it is payed for.

Just one more reason not to allow bookings longer than 2 weeks, I may go down to 7 days after reading this.


Again, we are not talking here about extreme situations and exceptions, but PREPARING includes the CLEANING.

Once more - not some after-tornado-like situations but it’s normal. I don’t understand how can host in his/her right mind expect guest to clean toilets.

Ok, why do you expect to clean dirty dishes then? Just chalk it up to 1* review. I don’t get logic where you people draw lines.


Who is refusing to clean toilets?

All proper hosts clean everything between guests - you should know that much surely?

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I think that’s a semantic discussion: Preparing a rental usually involves cleaning. Wether you consider this cleaning after the last guest or cleaning before the next guest, isn’t really that much of a difference :wink:.

What I understood is that the OP’s guest just forgot to flush once and was responsible for a few skid marks. Solutions: Flush, bleach, brush… All the same things one would also do in between guests, even if the toilet looks clean. So I don’t see reasons to deduct stars. On the other hand, if it would be necessary to repaint the walls, that’s a whole different story. :rofl::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:


What @Giorgi is not taking into account here is that he/she is posting in a public forum that is available for anyone, anywhere in the world, to read. If he/she is a host, he/she is telling guests and potential guests that it’s okay and perfectly fine to leave a toilet in a mucky condition because they’ve paid for the cleaning of it in their fee.

I find that damaging to all Airbnb hosts.