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People not bothering to review?

I am currently on my 5th host. So far everyone has been extremely happy and told me they would leave me a great review. But apart from the first guest none has written a single review while i have written one for them. Do you get this often?

I assume you mean 5th guest. How long have you been hosting? They have two weeks to do a review. Especially if they are busy traveling they might not do it right away. About 85% of my guests have left reviews.

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35 completed trips, 20 reviews. I get a lot of first timers who don’t bother.

Thankfully the people who haven’t left a review were the ones I was worried about since I never actually met them as they arrived after midnight and left while I was at the store. Pretty sure they smoked in my bathroom out the window too…

What really makes me mad though, is they were coming with 4 adults and since they were coming late I had the futon and air mattress all set up and did a few nice things so that they could just crash when they arrived. Argh.

I have had one guest who did not leave a review. He tried to from his phone, but it went missing. He called AirBNB several times, they were unable to fix the issue, and then the 14 days was up.

I never discuss the review process with guests, and none of them have brought it up with me. I have been pleasantly surprised that everyone has enjoyed their stay and has written very nice things.

Hi Kostas,
I’ve been hosting for quite a while and around 78% of my guests leave reviews. When you’re new to Airbnb I think it’s ok to remind guests to review. After all, the reviews are so important to building your business. Something like:

"Hi, it’s Kostas here! I notice you didn’t leave a review for me yet. I would really appreciate if you could say a few words about your stay if you enjoyed it. My place is new on Airbnb and so reviews particularly mean a lot to me. I hope all is well with you and thank you again for being such nice guests.’

Maybe others will disagree with this approach. I’m kind of mixed about it myself. Guests get reminded by Airbnb to leave a review and to ask them again might seem borderline harassment. But there’s no harm in trying, maybe?

I have almost 100 reviews. Only about 5 people have not written a review. Its CRITICAL to amass as many good reviews as possible. As more hosts come on the market,the host with the most good reviews will get most of the business(if they are priced right of course). I always remind guests that I will write a review for them and ask them them if they enjoyed their stay I would appreciate a reviewDont be shy to ask!They are certainly not shy to ask me for all sorts of things if needed.Sometimes I will even text and ask them to review me as it gets close to the time of expiring to write a review. Sometimes I have had guests write glowing letters,but no review!(by the way I save all of my letters too and put in a binder when I go to sell the business and property it will help sell the property. I work my ass off for these people, I bend over backwards to welcome them, stay up late for them, whatever it takes…AND I DAMN WELL BETTER GET A GOOD REVIEW OUT OF IT! Reviews are worth money;I cant tell you how many times I am told people booked with me because I had lengthy detailed 5 star reviews.This year I am making an extra 900 a mo over last year and I believe it is due to the 100 5 star reviews I have.


For me, 35 reviews out of 41 stays.

I always tell guests during checkout that “Airbnb is going to send you an email within a few days to leave a review of my place. If you could leave a nice review it would be very kind.”. If they are new Airbnb members I also add “I will do the same for you, which is important as many hosts won’t rent their place to a guest who has no review”.

The only guests who did not write a review are the ones I forgot to tell + all 3 groups of American guests I hosted (which is a mystery for me).

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Correct, 5th guest! I was wondering because almost a week has passed since the second and third guest. I guess i am worrying too much! They told me they had an amazing time so i was looking forward to the reviews!

This one came today by the 4th guest though and it made me really happy!
“We have been welcomed as if we were relatives. The flat is as described, modern, well equipped, close to Kalamata and quiet. Our stay there was perfect.”

@Sarah_Warren aww well the things we have to sacrifice!

@smtucker i always tell them during their stay that if they enjoy their time there, please share it with others on your review and if there is something you dislike or want to change, please notify me.

@Magwitch thanks! that’s how i do it pretty much. Since all of them have been in contact with me overall since they left i always ask them how they have been and if they returned home safely. I toss in there that i left them a review of my own too.

@diamond54 Since i am a new host, your first sentences are very important to me! Especially with such good words by people so far!

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