Pending payments

A guest booked for 3 months at a reduced rate, then cancelled after 3 weeks.
Airbnb ruled that the guest owed us the full rate for the time plus one weeks notice (over$1000).
Ten months later it is still with their debt collection agency in spite of numerous contacts and assurances from Airbnb.
What is our next step?

Give up and move on.


If you want to pursue it you would have been better taking it to small claims court @Oppy

If you are in the USA, you could easily spend more time & money than collecting the debt is worth. I would be tempted to move forward & let it go. I hate the thought of doing that, but is it worth the effort?


I was working on the assumption that Air BnB would handle the debt through their claims department.

10 months has passed. I don’t think Airbnb will do anything else. You can ask them to but don’t expect much.