Paypal payment not received

Hi there,

I’m new to Airbnb and I just had my first successful weekend as a host. The guest were happy and satisfied.
I received an email from Airbnb confirming that they sent the money to my paypal. I click on the link and my paypal is still empty. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I don’t have a business or company but that should be fine anyway no? Am I doing something wrong on PayPal or is it Airbnb that is slow… I will call PayPal tomorrow but just wanted to check if anyone had similar problems?

Kind regards/

It takes several days for it to hit. Airbnb likes holding onto our money so they can make more money. read the email they send advising the approx date it will hit. Congrats on your first host!

Congratulations and welcome!

Have you used this paypal account or is it new? I once sent someone money and they didn’t receive it - it turns out they hadn’t finished setting up the account yet.

Good luck!