Paypal Payment Failure

I have received a number of payments from AirBnB to my paypal.
However with the last transfer I received a message from Airbnb saying there had been a failure/ inability to transfer to my paypal and that I should contact paypal.

I got in touch with Paypal who indicate that my account is fine and that AirBnb should contact them if they have any difficulty.

Anyone else encountered similar problem in the last 24-48 hours?

Yes, happened to me today too. I’ve spoken to paypal, no answer yet, but I really want to keep that method of payment as it’s so much faster than the bank payout.

I’m beginning to wonder if Airbnb is experiencing cash flow issues?
There was a problem two weeks back and then this sort of thing again. And clearly it’s probably not just me.
I hope it’s just a technical glitch and not something else!
For what it’s worth, this was he PayPal response:

Dear ----------
I hope this email finds you well. My name is ----- from PayPal Customer Support.

I understand you’re contacting us about your challenges receiving payment from AirBnB. I will be more than willing to check the details on your account.

Upon reviewing your account it showed that the recent payments you have from AirBnB are completed are all completed. Your account is perfectly fine. I would humbly suggest contact AirBnB and tell to contact us to further assist them in sending their payment to you. We need to check their account if there are adjustments we need to do on their account.

Thank you for choosing PayPal for your online payment needs.


PayPal, an eBay Company

same problem here, I have been receiving pay outs through Paypal for years and last night I got an error message from Airbnb notifying about an error with my paypal account. I checked my paypal account and there is no error or pending payment at all. I contacted Airbnb today and they informed there was a technical error that made my payout preference have an issue. The solution they gave was that I need to re-add my paypal account as a payout preference and set it to default and then the old one can be deleted!

Honestly I think this is unacceptable especially given the time they need to approve a new payment method (average 2 weeks)

Anyone got this issue resolved quickly??
thanks for your help!

We had this happen in June of 2014. Airbnb wrote us to say that they tried to send us money to our PayPal but there seems to be a problem with our PayPal account. We contacted PayPal and they said that there’s nothing wrong. We didn’t want to fight it so we now have our Airbnb money deposited into our bank account.

I also hope it’s not some strange money issue.

Got message saying this was result of some integration failure between the two services and asking me to renter my paypal as a payment option, which I did yesterday.
Still no payment today!