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PayPal payment delay (again)

Anyone else experiencing payout delays?

My PayPal payments as a host come reliably at the same time on payout days. I am awaiting payout that was expected about 24 hours ago. In Airbnb payout transaction history this payment is “pending.” I’ve contacted Airbnb but don’t anticipate help any time soon if history is any indication.

I have a pending today. It is the first time in 10 years this has happened. Do you have any insight on this? This is not coming from an airbnb transaction however. It is a payment request from me to someone, and it is pending. So this may not be an air issue, rather this is a PayPal issue.

My pending payment is on the Airbnb side, not on PayPal side. Paypal says there’s no payment from Airbnb in the queue.

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It’s probably a credit card error. Either a stolen card or not enough money.

I don’t accept PayPal from Air. Just direct deposit. Eliminate the fee.

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The 3% fee? They still charge me that for direct.

Ever since I changed to direct, I get paid within 5 hours of guest arrival! It’s not always in the account but I get a message that it was sent!

With Labor Day, we might not see any cash in our accounts until early next week.

This is the runaround I have eliminated by taking PP out of the picture. Just no benefit!

No, I’m talking about PayPal’s fee on top of that. Not Air.

A slap on my head for that one! I didn’t realize I was paying PP 2.9%. I just changed my payout method. Thank you!

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What!!?? Are we?? I thought it was free with no PP charge???

We all pay 3% to Air whether it is a direct deposit or paypal. I am pretty certain PP does not charge a fee on top of that. I would have noticed if my payout was dinged 6% and not 3%? Am I wrong???

There is no fee to use Paypal with Air, at least not for me… not sure what you guys mean?

The fee comes when you transfer the money out of your PP account and into your bank account. If you never transfer and just keep it there to pay for other goods and services that’s cool.

This is on Air’s Payout Preferences page:

Direct Deposit (ACH)
Up to 3 business days None USD Business day processing only; weekends and banking holidays may cause delays.

3–4 hours PayPal withdrawal fees USD Connect your existing PayPal account.

Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard
3–4 hours ATM withdrawal fees USD A physical card will be mailed to you after creating your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard account. Existing accounts may also be used.

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That is sooooo weird. I’ve never been charged a fee to send it to my bank account. I’ve always transferred it the minute it’s received! Maybe I am grandfathered in? Who on earth would opt for a fee when PayPal is literally doing nothing for you?

Aren’t they? They are handling the money. They have a huge infrastructure that allows people to send you money from an email address. They were the first to do it and securely. There are lots of services competing for that convenience now, but PayPal was the first to make it easy.

There are forms of payment on PayPal that are free - like when they say “is this money from a friend” or “goods and service,” but PayPal has to make money somewhere if you’re involving them in the handling of the money. That’s why I just have the money transferred directly to my bank.

If you’re never paying fees to PayPal I would LOVE to know how. Maybe you are grandfathered in someway, but I can’t see how.

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Agree. Yes, they have earned the opportunity to charge for the service they provide. That came out wrong. I meant in terms of what they do for me vis a vis Air. Why should I pay a fee for that When I can have the money sent directly to my bank account?

I have never paid a fee to transfer. I’m positive. Let me take a screen shot and get back to you. So you are saying all of you pay a fee to PayPal upon transfer of your payout?

I have, but I just did it now and I did NOT see one calculated. But I know I was hit was fees when I first started hosting which is why I switched to direct deposit even though it can take a bit longer.

This is what PayPal says:

(You can replace the US in the URL above with you country code. too.)

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no fee charged? This is an Air transaction.

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My experience is the same as Kona’s, but I’m not taking any chances. If I have been paying 2.9% over the last two years, that means I’ve lost around $4,000. That’s a lot of money. I’ll keep you posted for the next several transactions.

It could be that for the brief time PayPal has our money, they make money off of their total deposits, just like a bank does. If they operate like a bank, they have X money but only have to keep 10% as liquid and can lend out the rest. With hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of transaction with a huge portfolio of deposits coming and going at any one time, being able to lend out 90% of that is huge. I’m sure they are quite profitable.

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