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Paypal info; Initial setup



First, and most important, I received a notice from Paypal a couple weeks ago saying if you have money placed IN your Paypal account they are going to charging a FEE for you to transfer it to your bank!

As a freelance writer I have used Paypal (ever since they started) to receive payments from clients. I wrote nasty letters to the Paypal president and execs complaining–not that it will do any good. I recently notify several of my regular accounts to stop sending me payments by Paypal and send them directly to my bank.

The reason I thought of this is one option for Airbnb guests to pay is Paypal.

I was trying to set up my Profile on AirBnB to arrange the payment method–I searched this site and AirBnB but could not find out how to do that–suggestions would be appreciated.

It seems strange that on Airbnb host and guest accounts are not more clearly differentiated.


They only charge a fee to transfer to a debit card, not to a bank account.


You are correct, looks like that speed-reading course I had in college ruined my comprehension!

Better to receive payments directly to my bank account for my wife (to spend) and for the IRS (to take their share).

Hope someone responds to let me know if I need to set up more info about my bank account with Airbnb to receive payments there.



I recommend reading the Airbnb help center articles…


You can also turn your PayPal account into a business account and request a debit card to go with it. I use PayPal and I’m able to use that card to keep track of spending used for my rental. In the money is available instantaneously with no fee.


Great info, thanks. I have just set up my listing and have my first few reservations.


Your place is gorgeous :slight_smile:


Thanks. We have a 29-year-old daughter-in-law, who had a brain aneurysm two years ago and is 95 percent paralyzed. My wife (70) takes care of her 24/7 and I we hope this will provide income to supplement our Social Security and help pay her expenses. I am 75, we thought we would be retired at our house but that is now not an option.



Wishing you good luck with the venture, Dave.

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