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Paypal Business Account?

Does anyone have any experience with a paypal business account for your airbnb listings? I currently have the standard personal account and was wondering if the business version makes tracking income and expenses easier? Also with making purchases for your airbnb such as furniture, kitchen supplies etc. Appreciate any input, Thanks!

Be careful. Paypal deducts outrageous fees if you use their invoicing system, so I imagine their business account fees are usurious as well. I try to avoid them at all costs. I had a client pay me $500 through PayPal business account last week, and they deducted $14.82 for the “privilege” of handling my money.

It used to take days for payment to get delivered through them, even though I would transfer it immediately to my bank. There were also frequent delays. When I changed it to direct, not only was the payment here faster, it was earlier. The guest checks in at four and the payment is always, consistently here by 2:00am. I would skip PayPal and go direct.

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