Payouts delayed

This is my first post and i hope somebody can help me with this issue.
2 months ago i tried to add a bankaccount but is didn"t work so i cancelled it.
After that i did not receive any payment, one is completely disapeared and all the other
payouts, about 6 now, are not coming. I keep getting emails that AirBnB send the money
over, but i never get it, Every other day i get the emails and everytime it will come a few days later.
I keep ringing them and everybody is very friendly but i don"t get any help. I am very frustrated and angry. Doe anybody know what to do?? Thanks Carola

It sounds to me that you need to have a direct conversation with Airbnb. If you weren’t able to add your account, plus “cancelled” it, then I would be worried that the money is going into someone else’s account.

But how did you think you would be paid, if you hadn’t set an account up?


i did set up an account and it always went good for two years, untill i tried to add another account, then it went wrong. i had direct contact with AirBnB almost every day, even with the financiël departement. They just don"t seem to understand what the problem is.

The problem is that you are not receiving your payments. Thank you for explaining further; it’s difficult when we don’t know all the facts about a given situation. Perhaps if you stop taking bookings until this mess is sorted out, including telling Air to cancel/rehouse those you have booked already, will make them jump and deal with the matter.

You need to call them. We can’t help with that kind of stuff.

I am fully booked untill the end of oktober, i already told them to cancel all bookings. They just don"t respond, it is very frustrating. Again tomorrow i will call them.

Yes, There’s nothing that other hosts can do to help.

I get them to pay into my Paypal account and then I transfer it to my bank account from there myself if I need it. All up about 24 hours. It seems to be hassle free, so far. It also means I have money sitting in my Paypal account to buy things on pretty much every site which allows Paypal payments. I resisted using Paypal for years but have found it very convenient.

PayPal takes a fee on all deposits. Direct deposit into a bank account is fee free.

They don’t take a fee out on my AirBNB payments. And they don’t take a fee when I transfer to my bank account either. The only time I get a fee is when I use PayPal for eBay sales or if I send money to another person and indicate it’s for products or services.

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No. I just checked my last AirBnB payment and I received what AirBnB owed me and that was the amount I transferred to my bank account. No fees on either transaction.

That is my experience too.