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Payout method “proccesing”

Hello , i would like an input from any experienced host here.

I used to get payments on my payal and all was good, now i changed payout to my bank account directly and i do get my money on the bank account but in completed payout section it shows “proccessing” even if money is already on my bank account .

Any reason why it shows “proccessing “ should i worry about it? Is it gonna change ?


That happens to me all the time. The money is in my bank account, but it continues to say “processing” in my transactions for a long time after that.

It’s just glitchy Airbnb tech. I reported it a couple years ago, but they’ve never fixed it.

@Marko , I removed the details of your guests from your post, it’s best not to put info like that on an open forum, no matter how innocuous it is; and as @muddy said, nothing to worry about.


Thanks guys alot , i was worried.

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